The World’s First 3D Printing Restaurant

London is famed for having a wide range of culinary tastes from Ethiopian food to Korean food. It’s now expanding its repertoire with the arrival of the world’s first 3D printing restaurant, allowing customers to watch their food being printed in front of them.

Food Ink is a pop-up dinner series aiming to create edible art that is travelling the world and will be arriving at London’s Shoreditch on July 25-26-27 2016. It will feature a nine-course dinner that will all be 3D printed – live in front of the customers. The meals have been prepared by renowned gourmet chefs and to add to the experience, customers will get to eat their meals using 3D printed utensils created by Polish artist Iwona Lisiecka.

The reason that Food Ink can create a pop up restaurant and travel around the world showcasing the versatility of 3D printing is thanks to the 3D printer they use. The byFlow Focus 3D printer can be taken anywhere due to it being able to be folded into a compact suitcase!

FMS Blog Food Ink 3D Printing Restaurant

Food Ink

This is one of the most innovative of 3D printing to date and can potentially revolutionise food industries around the world. May we see more 3D food printing restaurants in the future as technology gets more portable?

Sarah Jubb