World Backup Day

Starting only as a small initiative between users of the forum website Reddit, World Backup Day has grown in importance over the years. Every year on the 31st of March, experts in the data and security industry provide the public with advice on how to protect their data. As the world continues to enter further into the digital age, it provides an important day to mark in your calendar!


The Facts Behind World Backup Day

The official website for World Backup Day contains some alarming and surprising statistics on the public’s backing up habits. Immediately alarming is that 30% of people have never backed up their data. Relating to security, 1 in 10 computers are infected with a virus every month. This is a very common cause for data loss issues. Some further research provided by Verbatim found that 18% of people had never backed up their home computer. 7% of people didn’t know how to. The majority at 39%, said that they would back up their data ‘whenever they remembered’.


Avoiding Data Loss

The best way to avoid data loss as suggested by many experts is to keep two backup copies of your original data. You should store one of these copies in a local location, such as on an External Hard Drive or a USB Memory Stick. The other copy of data could be then be put into cloud storage service (in case the original copy is destroyed)


Data Storage Solutions

As we mentioned above, there are a few effective solutions you can use for local location storage. These include options such as External Hard Drives and USB Memory Sticks. External Hard Drives are ideal for storing important documents on when using a Laptop or a Desktop Computer to work on. For added portability, a USB Memory Stick is a great device to own when looking to quickly transfer a variety of different files between devices. Both of these data storage solutions come with great storage capacity options, so you’ll never be left struggling for storage space.


Sam Rose