Why You Should Buy Original HP Supplies

When buying ink and toner supplies, you should always get the best quality possible to ensure that your prints are always high quality. HP Original Supplies are designed to work in complete harmony with your HP printer, enabling you to get the best value while still ensuring that your prints look their best.

Many people may be tempted to buy a remanufactured or refilled cartridge as these are often seen to be cheaper than an original product. The problem here however, is that these types of cartridges offer lower quality than an original cartridge.

A remanufactured cartridge is a HP cartridge that has been previously used and has been refurbished. This means that some of the worn-out parts, the ink or the toner has been replaced in it so it will not offer the same high performance that an original cartridge will.

A refilled cartridge is an original HP cartridge that has been refilled using non-original ink or toner from a third party. Any worn out parts in these kinds of cartridges are not usually replaced and they often offer a poor performance which can result in low quality images.

The Hidden Costs Of Using Non-Original HP Supplies

While you may think that you’re getting good value by purchasing a remanufactured or refilled cartridge; in reality you end up paying more. Research has suggested that when using non-HP toner, the costs are actually 2x higher than normal.

HP 301

Just some of the associated costs with non-original HP supplies are wasted toner and paper along with the labour cost required to both reprint and replace. The cartridges can also spill or leak toner which will need cleaning along with printer downtime along with productivity loss. There can also be many other hidden costs that will only be discovered further down the road.

It can also damage your HP printer as 4 out of 5 tested printers in a survey were found to have been permanently damaged using non-HP ink cartridges. This can in turn increase costs as you may have to replace parts of your printer, or even perhaps replace the printer itself.

Use Original HP Supplies For The Best Service

Keeping your printer in the best condition will help to ensure its lifespan along with allowing it to keep printing at the best quality. As such, buying original HP supplies is the best solution to reduce costs for you and to keep your printer going for longer.

At Find My Supplies, we are a HP Partner First Platinum which means that we only sell genuine HP products. We have a large range of both inks and toners available for purchase, so you will be able to print with confidence every time.

Sarah Jubb