Why Uni’d A Printer

School is beginning again for most children and teenagers across the United Kingdom, but for university students there are likely a few more weeks to go. During this time it is crucial that university students start planning out what they are going to bring with them when they move into their room, or house if they are house sharing and so space is going to be a priority.

But something that students may not think of could be a lifeline during the busy and stressful periods of revision, exams, essay writing and required reading. Having a printer in your room will become an invaluable item that will give you creative freedom to print any materials you may need as well as print essays and other work for assessments.

So why should students invest in a printer?

Low Cost In The Long Run

It may seem like a large investment at first buying a printer and students may wonder why they should spend this money to begin with. But a university degree will take a few years to finish and a printer can be there throughout the duration of the degree.

The only alternative a student living at university will have is to use their university printer that is most likely in their library to print out their work. This costs money and people may not realise how much the money will stack up throughout the years as it will not be something that can be seen.

A one off payment for a printer, with the occasional re-purchase of an ink cartridge, could work out as cheaper for someone who needs to print out plenty.

A Printer Provides A Hard Copy

For students with degrees that are journal and essay heavy, it is highly likely that there will need to be lots of documents, essays and journals printed out throughout their university years. Printing these out makes it easier to analyse and assess them, as well as providing a hard copy that can be accessed and referenced at any time.

Can Print At Any Time

There can be nothing worse than deadline day and having to run through the library trying to find a free computer so that a student can print out their work to hand in. An even worse scenario could be finding out that there is no money on their print account, or the printer is out of ink or paper. This can lead to some people running the risk of missing the deadline and receiving a penalty on their work, a worse case scenario could be a failure.

With a printer, they will be able to print out their work in relative ease whenever they need to, without the added stress of getting to campus and fighting for a computer. It will also mean that if any mistakes are noticed in the work, they can be rectified with minimal effort and simply printed off again.

Sarah Jubb