Why Are My Ink Cartridges Drying Out?

Have you ever attempted to print out a document or photo from your printer, only to find the ink has dried out? A problematic issue, ink cartridges drying out could be down to a few different factors. Here are some of the most common ones to consider.

Incorrect Storage

The first reason as to why your ink cartridge has suddenly dried out could be due to storing it incorrectly. To preserve the contents, you should try to keep ink cartridges stood upright. Doing this will mean that the ink now settles at the bottom of the cartridge. Settled ink can pass through the sponge much easier. If you store ink cartridges sideways, it means that the ink inside can’t settle. This is what results in streaky print outs and over time, ink cartridges drying out.

Clogged Ink Cartridge Heads

One of the most likely reasons that your ink cartridges could have dried out is due to them being infrequently put into use. If you don’t use your printer regularly, the inactivity means that much of the ink from the cartridges quickly clogs up. If you are not producing any print outs, try removing any ink cartridges from inactive printers. Many experts recommend that you clean ink cartridge heads on a regular basis to try and avoid this issue. The video below shows the best way to clean any clogged ink cartridges.

Exposure to Extreme Temperatures

This is a factor that is most likely to come into play during the summer and winter seasons. Exposure to extreme levels of temperature (hot or cold) can evaporate the ink contained within cartridges. Extreme conditions such as the current heatwave and below freezing temperatures can particularly cause this problem. This is especially apparent with ink cartridges that are unused or have been used very little. To avoid this effect, it’s recommended to keep the temperature within the room that ink cartridges and printers are present between -15 and 35 °C. Anything much higher or lower than this can damage ink cartridges in the long run. Bear this in mind during the hotter and colder times of the year.

Time for a Refill on Your Ink Cartridges?

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