Which Printer is Right for Me?

Struggling to decide on the type of printer that will benefit your needs the most? Our guide will help you in answering the question – which printer is right for me?

When it comes time to purchase a new printer for the home or the office, it’s important to know which printer is going to best suit your requirements. For example, a larger and more robust printer could be ideal for the workplace but might be a little excessive for the home. Likewise, a desktop printer could be perfect for home use, but won’t be viable if dealing with high volume printing jobs. Here’s a brief breakdown to help you decide which printer could be right for you.

Inkjet Printers

How They Work:

An Inkjet Printer creates print outs by spraying several dots of ink per minute onto a piece of paper. This helps to create the image that you have selected or displays the text you have chosen to print out. The dots assemble in a combination of several different colours. Most of the time, this will consist of the colours in the CMYK model. These are Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. These colours form together to produce a photo-realistic image as a result.

Main Advantage:

One of the main advantages of an Inkjet Printer is the overall quality and colour output they provide. Even though they can create higher quality images and text when creating documents, they are priced much cheaper than Laser Printers.

Main Disadvantage:

Whilst Inkjet Printers can produce much clearer and detailed colours, their main disadvantage is the time taken to produce them. When compared against a Laser Printer, an Inkjet Printer can take much longer to create prints. This can be particularly apparent when trying to print out text. Due to the amount of Ink required by this type of printer, the Ink Cartridges it uses will need to be replaced regularly.


Laser Printers

How They Work:

Laser Printers tend to work differently to Inkjet Printers. To print out images or text, Laser Printers charge the paper electronically with the text or digital image you have selected to be printed out. Instead of Ink, Laser Printers use a powdered type of ink called Toner. The Toner sticks to the paper and creates an electronic charge. Once this happens, it is then permanently melted to the paper through a hot fusing wire located in the machine.

Main Advantage:

Because a Toner cartridge and Laser Printers operate differently to when an Inkjet Printer uses Ink, it is often considered that Laser Printers can be more efficient. Compared to Inkjet Printers, a Laser Printer can produce a larger amount of prints due to it using Toner Cartridges. It can also produce high quality print outs much quicker and slightly more quietly than using Inkjet.

Main Disadvantage:

Because they can offer an increased printing speed whilst retaining quality, Laser Printers will be more expensive than Inkjet machines. They are also better suited to mass printing text and less detailed images, compared to complex and bright graphic images. Toner Cartridges, which are needed when using a Laser Printer, can also be higher priced than a standard Ink Cartridge.

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