Which HP 301 Cartridge Should You Buy?

Many people choose to print at home and the range of low cost inkjet printers that are available encourage home printing. What is confusing though, is that there is often a large range of ink cartridges available with no clear indication of the differences between them.

To help, here at Find My Supplies we have put together this article that lists some of the differences between two of our most popular cartridges, the HP 301 and the HP 301XL. As well as this, we’ll describe the ink these cartridges use along with giving a useful list of what printers will accept these cartridges. No one wants to accidently buy the wrong cartridges!

The Standard HP 301

The regular HP 301 cartridge is available in black and tri-colour, so by buying both cartridges you are guaranteed to have all your printing needs met. These cartridges are particularly ideal for anyone who does not print very often or who simply does not have a high print requirement.FMS Blog HP 301 Twin Pack

That is because both of these HP 301 cartridges have a standard yield of ink. The HP 301 black cartridge will provide an approximate print yield of 190 pages and the HP 301 tri-colour will provide 165 pages based on ISO testing.

Each of these cartridges has a low cost which makes them perfect for anyone who is looking to save money on their printing while still getting the quality you expect. To save even more money, there is also the HP 301 Twin Pack available which includes both cartridges for a lower price than buying individually.

The High Yield HP 301XLFMS Blog HP 301XL Twin Pack

For those who find themselves needing to print more, the HP 301XL cartridges are your answer. The XL on these cartridges denotes that they are high yield, providing you with more ink to allow you to in turn print out more.

This comes at a slightly higher cost however, but is ideal for anyone who finds they print often. The HP 301XL Black cartridge will provide you with a print yield of 480 pages and the HP 301XL Tri-Colour provides an approximate print yield of 330 pages based on ISO testing. This is double the amount you would expect to receive from the standard cartridges.

These cartridges do not come supplied in a twin pack like the standard cartridges, which is a twin pack that includes both. Instead, these 301XL cartridges are provided in twin packs that simply include two of the same colour. Available on Find My Supplies we have the 301XL Black Twin Pack which provides two black cartridges and the 301XL Tri-Colour Twin Pack which provides two tri-colour cartridges.

What Do The HP 301 Cartridges Contain?

All the HP 301 cartridges are packed full of rich and vibrant ink that will allow you to print laser quality, sharp text along with vibrant and crisp images and graphics. The prints will resist fading for a long time, so you also get prints that will last as long as you need them.

They used a pigment based ink that is also incredibly quick drying, making your prints also resistant to smudging. This will allow you to handle them quickly after they have been printed and will provide you with the best quality prints every time.

Which Printers Use HP 301?

To help you figure out if you need the HP 301 printers, we’ve put together the full list of printers that currently use the HP 301 cartridges.

» HP Deskjet 1000 » HP Deskjet 1010
» HP Deskjet 1050 printer » HP Deskjet 1050A All-in-One
» HP Deskjet 1510 » HP Deskjet 1512
» HP Deskjet 1514 » HP Deskjet 2050
» HP Deskjet 2050A » HP Deskjet 2050s
» HP Deskjet 2510 » HP Deskjet 2512
» HP Deskjet 2540 » HP Deskjet 2542
» HP Deskjet 2544 » HP Deskjet 2549 All-In-One
» HP Deskjet 3000 » HP Deskjet 3050
» HP Deskjet 3050A e-All-in-One » HP Deskjet 3055A e-All-in-One
» HP Envy 4500 e-All-in-One » HP Envy 4502 e-All-in-One
» HP Envy 4503 e-All-in-One » HP Envy 4504 e-All-in-One
» HP Envy 4505 e-All-in-One » HP Envy 4507 e-All-in-One
» HP Envy 4508 e-All-in-One » HP Envy 4509 e-All-in-One
» HP Envy 5530 e-All-in-One » HP Envy 5532 e-All-in-One
» HP Envy 5534 e-All-in-One » HP Envy 5539 e-All-in-One
» HP Officejet 2620 » HP Officejet 2622
» HP Officejet 4630 » HP Officejet 4634 e-All-in-One

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