Turning Phone Snaps Into Physical Prints – A Guide To Mobile Printing

If you own a smartphone, you’ll be sure to have taken some photos with it using the attached camera at some point, whether it’s to capture those special occasions or just memorable moments that you’ll want to treasure throughout your life. With the camera technology and resolutions that are possible on smartphones now beginning to rival most top of the range digital cameras, you might be feeling inclined to print these photos as physical copies to display in photo albums, photo frames or even to pin up somewhere in your home.

But how is this possible with today’s current technology and digital capabilities? Well make sure to read on, as we provide you with a short guide on how you can take advantage of using mobile printing at home or in the office!


Using Apple Airprint

One of the most convenient ways of being able to print of physical copies of photos stored on your smartphone is to use tools and functions that already exist on your phone, one of these being Apple’s Airprint. If you own an iPhone, this is the quickest and easiest way in order to set up a connection from your smartphone to your printer so that you always have the option to print photos stored on your phone quickly and easily. Airprint is able to replicate any of your photos with a full quality output and doesn’t require any extra software or drivers to be able to use in conjunction with your printer.

In order to be able to able to use the Airprint feature on your iPhone, it does require an Airprint compatible printer. Most top name printing manufacturers now include this feature as standard on their printers and you can find official HP branded compatible printers at the Find My Supplies website if you don’t already own one.


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Using Google Cloud Print

If you don’t own an iPhone, Google Cloud Print is another alternative service that allows you to print stored photos on your phone into a physical format. Working in a similar way to Apple’s Airprint feature, Google Cloud Print is a pre-installed app on Android phones and reproduces the exact same standard of quality in print out each time you use it. To use Google’s Cloud Print app, you’ll need to use a cloud ready printer and register it to the Cloud Printing service.

Much like Airprint, Google Cloud Print is supported by a huge number of printing manufacturers and so it’s an extremely viable and efficient mobile printing solution for Android smartphone users.

One important consideration to take with using Google Cloud Print is that it will require a short setup process in order to successfully pair up your printer and your smartphone to enable mobile printing. However, HP has created a step by step guide on how to get this to work on HP printers over on their website which you can find here.


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