Treat Yourself to a Chocolate Break When You Spend Over £25 at Find My Supplies!

Need to take some time out from the hectic Christmas shopping? Then our newest promotion over at the Find My Supplies website should certainly be something to take a look at! You can receive a chocolate break when you spend over £25 on any order! 


How To Earn A Chocolate Break

From 24th November 2017 to 27th November 2017, a FREE pack of 9 two finger Kit Kat bars will be automatically added to your order when you spend over £25 on items at Find My Supplies! It’s an IDEAL pack size for all to share with your friends and family away from the busy Christmas shopping rush. Alternatively, you might want to save them ALL for yourself (we wouldn’t blame you, honest!)

To meet the over £25 requirement needed to receive this SCRUMPTIOUS chocolate treat, you could buy some products from the Find My Supplies website on their own, such as the HP 364 Black and Colour Combo Ink Cartridge 4 Pack or even HP Premium Plus A3 300gsm Glossy Photo Paper (Pack of 20). However, we thought we’d give you another option by listing a few products that total over £25 and will provide you with some great value items to use as stocking fillers for your family or even your co-workers!

Contour Ergonomics Memory Foam Mouse Pad & Wrist Rest

Make surfing the web for those last minute Christmas bargains and discount offers a more comfortable experience with a reliable mouse and wrist pad. The Contour Ergonomics Memory Foam Mouse Pad & Wrist Rest is designed to re-distribute pressure points in the hand and wrist, relieving much of the tension that can be used when competing for those cut-price sale items! A super cushioned memory foam padding and anti-slip backing means your mouse pad stays in the perfect position for avoiding hand muscle aches and pains.

Price: £10.06*

FMS Blog Contour Ergonomics Mouse Pad and Wrist Rest


HP Social Media Snapshots 10 x 13cm (Pack of 25)

Be the envy of your office Christmas party by showing off some of some your social media snapshots taken on the night! This Pack of 25 HP Social Media Snapshot Sheets are sure to impress your friends and co-workers when printed from your smartphone or tablet device and feature sticky backing with a soft gloss surface to keep your prints looking sleek! Just try not to accidently print any embarrassing photos of anyone snoozing in the corner whilst the party is still raging on (or maybe do to teach them a lesson!)

Price: £7.30*

FMS Blog HP Social Media Snapshots Paper


Kondor Micro USB In Car Charger

If you’re always on the road, a trusty in car phone charger can be vital to keep your phone powered up and ready to go!  The Kondor Micro USB In Car Charger slots right into the cigarette lighter inside your car, providing a quick and safe charging solution to any phone that uses a micro USB port. An impressive voltage hold of 12/244V inside the main unit means a reliable phone charge up every time!

Price: £6.62*

FMS Blog Kondor In Car Charger


AF Multiscreen Clene 200ml and Cloth

All those new technology products and gadgets you’ve grabbed in the sales will need to be kept in tip top condition all year round, which is why AF Multiscreen Clene 200ml and Cloth will be extremely handy to have to hand come Christmas time! Suitable for delicate plasma technologies, monitor/laptop screens and even handheld games console screens; it’s the best way to keep your screens looking shiny and free from dirt and grime!

Price: £3.79*

FMS Blog AF Multiscreen Clene and Cloth



GRAND TOTAL: £27.77*


Whilst our selections will easily help you meet the over £25 requirement for this amazing offer, you could make some combinations for yourself over at the Find My Supplies website too, so why not go and take a look?


*- prices accurate at time of article upload

Sam Rose