Tips to Prevent Paper Jams When Printing

If you’ve got some urgent printing jobs coming up, there’s nothing worse than encountering paper jams! Here’s a few tips on how you can prevent paper jams when printing.

No matter if it’s at home or in the workplace, trying to print documents, images and other information on your printer has become something we probably do on a day to day basis.

To help with this, we previously provided you with a guide on how to solve some common printing problems but sometimes, it all comes down to paper jams.

Frustrating, time-wasting and above all, completely avoidable, paper jams are a pain when it’s time to use a printer.

Here are a few tips to help prevent paper jams when printing!

Our Tips to Prevent Paper Jams When Printing

Match Your Paper to the Printer

This may seem like a strange thing to hear, but not all Laser and Inkjet printers will support the same types of paper.

To explain this a little further, you could be using a paper that weighs the wrong weight or is even the wrong size for your printer.

When it comes to using a Laser printer, you should aim to use paper that is designed to resist heat or one that has heat absorbing properties (this is usually displayed on the packaging).

If you are using an Inkjet printer however, you should keep an eye out for ones that display the terms ‘quick drying’ or ‘speed drying’, as Inkjet printers usually need paper which uses this type of special coating.

Of course, some papers do display that they are ‘multi-use’ but you should make sure to check this before you set up your print outs.

Keep Your Printer Clean

Keeping your printer clean and free from dust is another way to prevent paper jams occurring at the most inopportune of times.

One way in which to correctly maintain your printer is to regularly clean the printheads. If you’re still encountering paper jamming after this, then you should also look to see if any dust has gathered within the machine itself.

If it has, then you should aim to regularly wipe down the rollers inside your printer and clean out the paper tray thoroughly.

Not doing so will lead to further build ups of dust, debris and dirt which can clog up your printer entirely and make printing tasks almost impossible to complete.

Store Your Paper Correctly

Storing paper in the correct manner is another vital consideration to make if you are looking to prevent paper jams.

If you don’t use paper that has been left in the printer over several days or if it is stored incorrectly, you will probably find it has absorbed in a great deal of moisture.

This is the leading cause for most paper curling during printing and for causing a lot of paper jams too.

It’s advised that in order to store paper correctly, you should try to find a warm and dry place to keep it in, whilst still in its original packaging.

In fact, you should only unwrap paper that you are planning to use in the same day as to avoid excessive wastage and the possibility of moisture and dirt residue making its way into the packaging.

And if you don’t keep your paper in the same room as your printer, then you should move over only what you know you are going to need from that room to where your printer is located at least 24 hours before printing.

Purchase High Quality, Reliable Paper to Prevent Paper Jams When Printing

Our final tip is perhaps the most important one and that’s to make sure you are always purchasing high quality printing paper that you know you can rely on!

The Find My Supplies website contains a plethora of different paper types perfect for all matter of printing tasks including Copier Paper for corporate documents, Large Format Paper for large design work and Photo Paper when printing all your memorable photographs out.

It’s available in a variety of sizes too, so you’ll never be stuck with paper that is the wrong size for your printer!

So whether it’s for business or for personal use, we have the perfect paper to help you to get the most out of your printer and to prevent pesky paper jams!

Sam Rose