The Many Uses of Avery Labels

Find out how to better use Avery Labels with your current printer in order to save yourself time, money and provide yourself with better piece of mind in our latest FMS Blog article!

When you think of labelling solutions and a brand that helps you to be better organized, Avery immediately comes to mind.

With their vast range of easy-to-use and simple to apply labels, becoming better organised and keeping on top of general housekeeping tasks becomes easy!

But whilst you may at first only think that labels give you an advantage when it comes to naming or tagging items in the workplace, there are some other uses for Avery Labels that you could be missing out on!

Take a look below for a few other uses that your printer and Avery Labels are ideal for!

Using Avery Labels with a Printer

For Filing

One of the more obvious reasons to print out Avery Labels using your printer is to create labels to help name your files and folders full of important paperwork and documentation.

When using Avery Labels for this purpose, Avery Ink Lever Arch Spine Labels will provide you with the professional edge you need and are guaranteed to be ‘Jam Free’ during the printing stage.

They’re also quick dry, meaning they’ll remain smudge and dirt free when it comes back around to the time that you need to retrieve something you’ve been keeping in the archive.

Designed to fit spine files, ring binders, document wallets, box files, suspension files and more, these Spine Labels will help you effectively label up your most important files and papers being kept in storage or to hand in the workplace.

For Creating an Impression

When sending on CDs packed with important data or DVDs which carry a presentation that you need to submit to a client or customer, why not utilise this next use for Avery Labels with your printer in order to create a real impression when it comes to handing it over?

Using Avery DVD/CD Laser Labels, you can make your custom CDs or DVDs truly stand out to anyone who views them, with the option to add text, company logos, different colours and all types of other graphics directly onto any multimedia disk without the concerns of if it will work afterwards or not!

Plus, if you haven’t got any spare cases lying around in order to keep your disk in, you can make identifying the contents much easier just by printing on the name or other information directly onto the disc itself so that it’s easy to spot as soon as you pick it up!

It’s a fact that blank discs look boring, but these labels will certainly give some life to your work!

For Posting or Shipping

There can be nothing worse when sending on a letter or parcel to friends, family or even a client than it not reaching it’s intended recipient due to the ink detailing the address and postcode smudging or being damaged.

It’s easy to avert this type of situation happening though with Avery Parcel Labels and Avery Address Labels which will ensure that any printed text will display crisply and clearly all the way through the posting or shipping process!

Quick dry technology means that anything printed onto these labels will dry instantly, meaning they can be placed straight onto any parcel or letter once you’ve prepared it for sending.

Perfect for keeping in the office or in a drawer at home, these labels are more than prepared for printing on at the shortest moments notice and provide a professional looking result every time!

Free Templates for Avery Labels

For a truly effortless labelling solution when using Avery Labels for any of these listed uses, why not give Avery’s FREE label templates a spin?

Their design and print service allow you to fully customise and personalise your labels, before then converting your design into a printable format, ready for whenever you need them!

Try it out here:

Sam Rose