Take Command with the 3M Command Range

Learn more about the exciting new 3M Command range containing handy picture hanging strips and hanging hooks in our newest FMS Blog article!

If you’ve clicked on over to the Find My Supplies website before, you’ll probably have noticed our extensive selection of 3M products.

However, you may not have come across their newest offering and a BRAND-NEW addition to Find My Supplies for 2020the 3M Command range!

These sturdy and reliable products are perfect when hanging up pictures, photos or other bits of display in the workplace or even at home, with the hanging hooks ideal for coats, bags, keys and much more!

Let’s take a closer look here on the FMS Blog at the 3M Command range in a bit more detail!

Making Decorating Tasks Quick and Easy

The main purpose of 3M Command products is to make any of your decorating tasks at work or in the comfort of your home quick, easy and painless!

Both the 3M Command Picture Hanging Strips and 3M Command Hanging Hooks hold strongly and remove without stain or mess thanks to 3M’s stretch release technology.

The adhesive solution used for the 3M Command range means that you can apply them to a plethora of different surfaces including solid, hollow and even painted walls.

Removal of these picture hanging strips and hanging hooks is easy and goes without a hitch, meaning you won’t need to worry about creating cracks, damaged plaster, holes or sticky residue being left behind on the walls you’ve applied them to.

With the 3M Command range, your decorating possibilities are truly endless and are a fantastic nail-free solution for rented accommodations or business properties where damage caused to walls or surfaces could land you in hot water!

Forget the double-sided tape – take command with the 3M Command range instead!

How to Apply 3M Command Picture Hanging Strips and Hanging Hooks

It’s incredibly easy to apply these picture hanging strips or hanging hooks onto any wall or suitable surface.

You can instantly tell once the 3M Command Picture Hanging Strips are securely locked in tight when you hear a click and all the 3M Command Hanging Hooks need is a firm bit of pressure for 30 seconds or a little more before it’s clear that the adhesive bond is in place.

For a full walk-through of how to apply 3M Command Picture Hanging Strips or Hanging Hooks, 3M have compiled a detailed, simple-to-follow set of videos and guides over on their website here, meaning you’ll never get stuck when it’s time to put them to use!

View the full 3M Command Range on the Find My Supplies website today and make your next decorating task mess and stress free!

Sam Rose