Stunning Vibrant Colours With HP 364XL

Using compatible inks can be like playing a game of chance with your printer. There have been cases in which printers have broken soon after the inks have been installed and other cases, where the print quality is simply not up to scratch. If you make the decision to use genuine HP inks, you will be sure to get vibrancy and with packages such as the HP 364XL, you will also get great value for money.

The HP 364XL packages will last much longer!FMS Blog HP 364XL

The 364 Combo Pack is a complete solution, if you need to print high quality colour documents.

HP ink supplier, Find My Supplies, appreciate the importance of maximising a printer’s output, whilst minimising downtime and produce high quality text and images. For this reason Find My Supplies have the HP 364XL Combo Pack stocked in their online store.

This combo pack from HP has been made to give you a complete print and design results that you would expect from genuine ink cartridges. Containing each of the standard capacity HP 364 Black, Cyan, Yellow and Magenta ink cartridges, you will have all the inks required for your HP Printer.

The HP 364 XL combo pack is designed for people who print moderately, if you print high volumes we recommend the HP 364XL Combo Content Pack, which is another great solution from the HP 364 range.

HP 364 ink uses HP’s Vivera Ink technology. Vivera Inks are pigment based inks, which print vivid colour documents, photos and text. They are resistant to fading and the technology found inside the cartridge produces a tiny drop size, which emphasizes the fine details in your prints.

Sam Rose