The Stratasys Education Program

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The 3D printing company Stratasys has long been involved with educational institutions, especially those specializing in design and engineering. The company has shown a great amount of support for schools, colleges and universities that use their 3D printers and the expertise of a Stratasys employee has always been something that has been available to students, using the technology.

Stratasys has played an important role in spreading 3D printing programs in schools, across the globe. However, more recently the 3D printing leader has announced a move that will cement their involvement in education for years to come, with the development of seven official educational modules, aimed at high schools students.

The modules that Statasys have established will provide teachers with all the material they required to take their students 3D printing capabilities from a beginner to advanced level.

Each of the course projects are broken down into varying time durations and skill levels and if you were thinking that the modules were all classroom based then you would be wrong, as they are meant for use with any CAD software, in a professional environment.

As a complete designer toolkit, the course will look to set industry and educational standards in 3D printing design and engineering.

Those in educational institution’s who have worked with Stratasys so far, believe that the modules are a vital part of teaching design in schools and will be for the foreseeable future. Having a structured form of learning will ensure that school and college leavers will have the right skills to work in industries that use 3D printing technology.

Sam Rose