Statue of Zeus Brought Back By 3D Printing

While the Olympics are currently taking the world by storm, another ancient Greek has been brought back to life 1,500 years later. Stratasys and 3DPTree collaborated to recreate the ancient Greek statue of Zeus at Olympia, which has been lost to humanity for centuries.

The original statue was created by Greek sculptor Phidias and saw Zeus, the king of the Greek gods, sitting on a wooden throne that featured gold and ivory panels. It stood over 40 feet tall and for 800 years looked over the Temple of Zeus at Olympia until its disappearance.

For centuries, the only depiction that has been seen of this magnificent statue has been on ancient Greek coins and descriptions found. The replica that has been 3D printed is a smaller version of the original statue but will take his place at the Millennium Gate Museum in Atlanta in an exhibition to coincide with the 2016 Olympics as well as the 20th anniversary of the 1996 Atlanta Olympics.

To create the mighty statue of Zeus, designers worked with a team from the Kennesaw State University in Georgia to translate a rendering of the design, based on an initial image, into a CAD file using the 3D modelling software. It was then printed using the Stratasys Fortus 900mc Production 3D Printer.

Due to Zeus being displayed outside, it’s a good thing that he has been printed using production grade thermoplastics, making him very durable. The exhibition at the Millennium Gate Museum, named ‘The Games Ancient Olympia to Atlanta to Rio‘ will open on August 20th and run until January 2nd 2017.

“Throughout history, there are always instances where the most precious works of art get destroyed or broken. In the past, this disappearance meant items were lost forever. That’s why we’re so heavily invested in the artistic value of 3D printing,” said Jeremy Kobus, Director of The Gate Museum.


Sarah Jubb