When Stan Lee Met HP

For many, he will forever be known as the mind behind Spider-Man and master of the Marvel Universe. But did you know that Stan Lee once worked with HP too?

In 2015, comic book icon Stan Lee and his team of graphics designers featured in an advertising campaign with HP. Using HP’s Sprout Desktop PC, Stan and his team worked on creating several colourful and fascinating designs by harnessing the power the Sprout’s scan and on-screen design system. Two videos that remain on YouTube show the genius behind the Marvel universe even creating his own new superhero, ‘Stan Man’.

Don’t believe us? Then check out the adverts below as the ever-creative Stan Lee works his comic book magic with a HP twist.

Stan Lee and His Influence on Print

Sadly passing away at the age of 95 on Monday 12th of November 2018, Stan Lee’s influence on print and comic book design is gigantic. With his instantly recognisable sharp and vibrant illustrations, Stan Lee has etched out iconic superheroes such as Spider-Man, the X-Men, the Fantastic Four and the Incredible Hulk for over 50 years. His first comic script, created and published in 1941, was titled ‘Captain America Foils the Traitor’s Revenge’ and would be the first of many comic book creations that would revolutionise the industry forever.

Many remark that his creations broke the mould in terms of the expectations of superheroes that would regularly feature in newspapers and in comic book stores. The superheroes created by the likes of DC Comics feature larger than life characters, almost god-like in stature and appearance. Once Lee had his first comic creation featured, he would turn this impression of superheroes completely on its head. Starting with the Fantastic Four and most noticeably with Spider-Man, Lee has made his superhero creations and the world around them more human. Lee and his co-creator Steve Ditko used this to help tell more deep and meaningful stories which have become essential to their character’s acts of bravery and heroism.

Creating Heroes for Everyone

There is no denying how important Stan Lee’s graphics work and storytelling has been in the world of print. Much of today’s world is scattered with artwork, films, television shows and even memes that have continued to help showcase his marvellous mind. It continues to be difficult to really measure the true size of the legacy that Lee has left behind. One thing that he has been able to encourage however, is a culture that thrives on inclusiveness and sense of belonging with the characters from his expansive universe.

Creating heroes for everyone was important for Stan Lee. And nothing drives this more home than a quote taken from the man himself in 2016 when asked about creating the first black superhero, Black Panther’s T’Challa.

“If kids of all types can identify with our heroes, it’s the most gratifying thing I can think of.”

Sam Rose