How To Solve Some Common Printing Problems

It’s a fact. Printers have become a staple in any business or home. You can use them to create memorable photographs and copies of important documents. With the new introduction of 3D printing, 3D printers can now create physical objects too. But as with many machines, printers can sometimes encounter frustrating printing problems. Here’s a guide to solving most of the common printing problems that can sometimes arise when using a printer.


My Printer Won’t Print

One of the most obvious errors that can occur with printing is the printer unit not operating. When this happens, it’s important to check for several easy-to-spot basic things. First, look to see if you notice an error message on the device you are trying to print from. If nothing displays on the screen, then look for a warning light or error message on the printer itself. Something else to bear in mind is if there is enough paper in the printer tray. You should also double check that the ink cartridges aren’t empty. If the printer you are using is Wi-Fi enabled, then you’ll need to make sure that this is connected too. Sometimes it’s difficult to identify the root cause of printing issues. HP Print and Scan Doctor is a helpful tool that will help to further identify the exact printing problems that mean you are unable to print.


I Can’t Print From My Phone Or My Tablet

This refers back to our article, ‘Turning Phone Snaps Into Physical Prints – A Guide To Mobile Printing’. To print from a digital device such as an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, your printer will need to support ‘AirPrint’. There are many printers that support the ‘AirPrint’ function. This includes many of the HP printers we have to offer at the Find My Supplies website should you need one. Yet, the process is a little bit different if you are trying to print from an Android powered phone or tablet. Using one of these devices will need you to use ‘Google Cloud Print’. You can find more information on how to use ‘Google Cloud Print’ with Android powered devices here.



My Ink Cartridges Are Empty

Often times, printers will show that they are about to run out of ink ahead of time. But it’s not uncommon for printers to refuse to print until new ink cartridges have been installed. You should try to replace ink cartridges when you first see an error message on the printer. You will also need to replace them if the colours on your prints start to look faded. The Find My Supplies website has a vast range of genuine HP ink cartridges should you need them for your HP printer.


The Paper Is Jammed

This can be one of the more frustrating printer problems to happen during printing. Unfortunately, paper jams can be very common. They are easy to solve with patience and a deeper look inside the printer unit. The worst thing to do during this situation is try to remove any crumpled paper from the paper tray. Instead, you should take out the whole of the paper from the tray. Then, open up the component flaps on the printer whilst looking inside of it. To be able to see the jammed paper, it’s a good idea to shine a torch inside. If the paper blockage is small, you can use something like tweezers to try and remove the stuck paper. Make sure to look underneath the printer. There can sometimes be an access panel to make this process easier and can also clean the paper feeder which can resolve these particular printing problems.

An important thing to consider is the thickness of the paper you are trying to print onto. Smaller printers can only usually handle photo paper and papers below this thickness. Office printers can handle a greater amount of thicker papers. There are a large variety of HP papers that can again be found at the Find My Supplies website.


My Prints Are Poor In Quality

You may notice that your prints contain horizontal streaks or wrong colours. This can result from the inkjet heads on the printer becoming blocked. To solve this, you should clean the print heads on your printer unit. Many printers have this as a selectable option on the software disc that came with the printer unit. You will also need to use a print head cleaning kit in conjunction with this. HP Printer Head Cleaning Kits are available from Find My Supplies.

Sam Rose