Smart Packaging

The packaging industry has been going through some major changes, which can be attributed to the evolutions of customer habits, as well as the increased demand for interactivity, in our everyday lives.

Packaging is consumed at a frantic rate, which is increasing all the time, as products have short shorter life-spans. Industries that manufacture products such as mobile smartphones are the industries that put a large demand on packaging production.FMS Blog Smart Packaging

With a demand for producing packaging in high volumes, you may think that packaging has become somewhat more disposable, but in actual fact it has become something so much more than just a protective layer around a product. Packaging is now becoming Smart Packaging!FMS Blog Paper Plate

Further to its primary function, packaging has become a key tool in the fight against counterfeiting. Some smart packaging is capable of tracking products that are likely targets for thieves, whilst others are able to certify the origin of the product that it is holding.

Marketers are able to use packaging as a way of interacting with consumers, using technologies such as QR codes and Augmented Reality. These examples show the way in which technology is becoming an integral part of packaging, not just for practical reasons but also for the entertainment of the consumer.

Because of these developments in the packaging industry, it is less likely that a printer will be required to print off large runs of packaging like in the past. This is because the bespoke and personal nature of modern packaging limits the amount of packaging that can be printed for a single purpose. Nowadays packaging is aimed at narrower markets, so it is important print runs are often less than 10,000 boxes.

Digital printers are now leading the way in the production of packaging. They now provide a quality of print that is very close to that of offset technology. In a single day, digital printers are able to print over 10 different designs on boxes, which is something that any other form of technology has previously been unable to do.

A new era of packaging has been born and with some of the advancements in technology over the past few years, modern packaging has become a lot smarter.

Brook Chalmers