Replacing Ink Cartridges – An Easy Guide

Need a helping hand with replacing ink cartridges in your printer? Look no further than by reading our easy guide!

Whether you’ve recently purchased a new ink cartridge for your printer or are looking to swap over to a spare one you have in the office or home, replacing ink cartridges can be tricky business!

However here on FMS Blog, we’ve created some simple instructions on how to easily swap your current ink cartridge over when using a HP printer, along with advice on replacing ink cartridges in other branded printers too.

Read on for everything you need to know in our easy step-by-step guide!

*This article applies to the following HP printers:

Replacing Ink Cartridges in HP Printers

Before you begin, there are a few steps you’ll need to follow in order to access the correct compartment.

The first of these is to make sure the printer is turned on and that your printer has been loaded with plain, white paper.

Then, simply follow this easy to understand process:

1) With a gentle grip, grasp the two handles on the side of your printer. Then, raise the access door (where the ink cartridges are located) until it locks fully into place. You’ll notice this has now moved the carriage into the centre of the printer.

Replacing Ink Cartridges Step 1

2) Before you go any further, ensure that the carriage has stopped moving and is silent. Once you reach this point, you’ll need to release the ink cartridge. To do this, simply lift the lid on the ink cartridge slot before then gently pushing the lid back until it reaches a stop.

3) Then, carefully pull up on the ink cartridge in order to remove it from its slot.

Replacing Ink Cartridges Step 3

4) Next, the steps will vary on if you are opening a new ink cartridge or just looking to swap in an unsealed one. For new ink cartridges, you’ll need to open it with caution, ensuring to only touch the black plastic and to remove the plastic tape on the cartridge itself.

Important Note: Make sure NOT to touch any of the copper-coloured contacts or ink nozzles on new cartridges. Touching these parts of the cartridge can cause clogs, bad electrical connections and ink failures.

5) Now, insert the ink cartridge by holding it by its sides. When doing this, the nozzles should be aimed towards the printer. You should then be able to slide the ink cartridge forward into the empty slot with ease.

6) To lock the cartridge into place, close the lid on the ink cartridge slot. This should then secure it into place. If replacing more than one ink cartridge (e.g. black and another colour), then repeat these steps.

Replacing Ink Cartridges Step 6

7) Once you’ve replaced the ink cartridges required, close the ink cartridge access door on the printer.

8) You will see this now prints out an alignment page. This however doesn’t align the new ink cartridges for printing correctly. To do this, you’ll need to complete one final process once the page has ejected fully from the printer.

9) Lift the scanner lid on your printer (if applicable). You should then place the alignment page with the printed side down onto the scanner glass. Importantly, make sure to position it within the engraved guidelines placed around the glass.

Replacing Ink Cartridges Step 10

10) Once this the alignment page has been correctly placed according to the instructions above, close the scanner lid and press ‘Ok’ on your printer. You should now see your printer correctly align the new ink cartridges, ready for printing!

Added Note: If you are removing an ink cartridge to then insert straight back into the printer due to encountering printing errors, it might be a good idea to try cleaning the printheads first before doing so to try and address the issue.

 All images credit: HP

Replacing Ink Cartridges in Other Branded Printers

In order to replace ink cartridges using other branded printers, the process can vary.

Therefore, it’s best to check either the instructions that were supplied with your printer or visit the manufacturer’s website for further advice and guides.

Make sure to keep up to date with the content here on FMS Blog, as we’ll be featuring an easy guide on how to replace Ink Toner Cartridges soon also!

Sam Rose