What To Consider Before Purchasing An A3 Printer

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Before buying an A3 printer for your business, you will need to consider what it will be used for and whether it will provide a good return on investment.

Will It Help My Business Grow?

You need to be thinking of an A3 printer as a long term investment. Looking at the long term use, you will need something that can be modified in order to suit the needs of your business. A modular device should allow more components, such as paper trays, to be added, as your business grows.

How Big Is The Printer?

A smaller model will take up less office space and modern devices often have the same technology and capabilities as their older, larger counterparts.

How Much Does It Cost?

Would you purchase an A3 printer, which might cost around £2,000, as a permanent asset or could hiring the device for a small amount per day be a better option.

Is The Printer Energy Efficient?

Many businesses don’t consider the environmental impact of their printing habits. The businesses that do overlook environmental factor often don’t realise that reducing their carbon footprint, can often mean reducing the cost of energy. A simple step towards ensuring a printer can use energy efficiently is to check if the printer is ENERGY STAR compliant. There are also devices that allow you to track the usage patterns of your workforce and adjust between power saving and ready to use modes, which helps to conserve energy.

Which Consumables?

Some printers have toner saving functions which allow you to manage your toner usage and costs. This allows you to use the best settings for your business, saving money in the long run.

How Easy Is The Printer To Use?

How easy is it to replace toner, use the touch-screen menu and implement a maintenance program? All of these things need to be take into consideration, because if any of these tasks are difficult to do, you’ll be wasting valuable time in your business.

How Reliable Is The Printer?

Dealing with printer issues is something can take up a lot of time for employees. This is valuable time that they could be using to do their actual job. As a general rule of thumb a printer with fewer moving parts, an technologically advanced printhead and a well designed paper path should serve you well.

Sam Rose