Printing Photos Dying Out With Technology

It would be hard to find someone who doesn’t rely on technology in some form in today’s age, whether it’s using a smart phone, streaming television shows and films or sending out emails. We’ve all got a wealth of information at our fingertips which make life much easier for all of us.

But with the rise of this easily accessible technology, it has meant the understandable downfall of tasks that were once common. A new study from British Airways of 2,000 respondents found that there were common tasks that have now been relegated by the rise of Wi-Fi, smartphones and technology.

Making it to number two and four on the list is putting printed photos into albums or having them around the house. Closely behind this is handwritten letters (6), sending love letters (7) and sending post-cards (8).

While there are understandably people happy about the rise in technology, it’s much easier and quicker to look up a phone number on the internet than flicking through a phone book after all, there can be a sense of nostalgia that doing some non-technological tasks can provide.

Why Not Embrace Old School And Print Your Photos?HP Premium Paper

Smartphones are undeniably a benefit that societies across the world have come to embrace and love. Included in this is the rise of taking photographs on a mobile device or with digital cameras, with the photographs taken being either stored on a device or uploaded straight to a social media network.

The days of printing photographs to display are not as common as they once were, but there is something that having a physical photograph can provide that a digital replicate cannot. Physical photographs will last much longer than a digital copy will and there is always the risk that photographs could be accidentally deleted when storing them digitally.

Why not embrace the old school approach and print out your photographs so that you always have a hard copy? They can be displayed around the house for viewing or alternatively placed into a photo album or scrapbook, allowing them to be archived for the future. The good news is that Find My Supplies has a range of photo paper that will allow you to print your photos, from the HP Premium Plus 10 x 15cm Photo Paper to the HP Advanced Glossy A4 Photo Paper.

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, maybe consider combining two tasks that are slowly disappearing by writing your loved one a sweet love letter and include a printed photograph for them to treasure?

Sarah Jubb