Printers Against Plastic

Launched last week, renewed focus on how to tackle the environmental matters of plastic in the print industry has created the Printers Against Plastic initiative.

As reported by Printweek, the Printers Against Plastic scheme has been developed and solely launched by ABC Imaging, a print and design company based in London. The firm has launched the Printers Against Plastic initiative to help in promoting an overall reduction of single-use plastics within the printing industry.

Creating Printers Against Plastic

Commenting on the Printers Against Plastic initiative and the reasoning behind its creation, ABC Imaging’s Sales Director, Duncan Stuart explains:

“Walking around our print room, we saw the amount of one-use plastic we had on the go and thought there must be something we can do about it.

Following on from our ISO 9001 accreditation, we moved up to the 14001 and then decided to turbo-charge our efforts. There are, according to the latest BPIF count, 8,500 print companies in the UK and if even 1,000 take part we can make a difference.”

ABC’s First Actions

Printers Against Plastic Image 1

Stuart’s comments follow an announcement made by ABC Imaging that they themselves would be making the first actions to help get the Printers Against Plastic campaign underway.

They are intending to promote the prevention of single-use plastic waste by:

  • Dropping their plastic business card boxes in favour of card
  • Using pencils instead of plastic pens
  • Beginning to provide reusable bags for staff to take when shopping for lunch

The company is planning to implement some further policies which include additional charges for the use of acetate covers and other plastic substrates. These charges will then in turn be donated to green charities or put towards payments for carbon offsetting.

ABC Imaging will also be including the provision of reusable water bottles in their reduction efforts, with an overall aim to reduce their plastic use by 50% during the first year overall.

The Plastic Issue

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Previously on FMS Blog, we have covered the growing need for Environmental Awareness for Printing, with the usage of plastic across industries proving to be just as important. According to the website, Plastic Free, the world’s annual consumption of plastic materials has increased from around 5 million tonnes in the 1950s, to nearly 100 million tonnes in the present day.

In the UK, the amount of plastic waste generated on an annual basis is estimated to be almost 5 million tonnes, whilst most families throw away around 40kg of plastic per year.

Stuart and the team at ABC Imaging are keen to get other companies within print involved to help tackle the plastic issue head on, commenting:

“In 30 years’ time, there will be more plastic in the sea than fish so even the smaller changes will need to be made now. It is early days but if people come on board that will fantastic.”


For more information on the Printers Against Plastic initiative and how to participate if you are part of a printing company yourself, please visit the Printers Against Plastic website.

Sam Rose