Print Your Own Halloween Masks

It’s coming around to that one day of the year again where young children (and even adults!) dress up as their favourite ghoul, goblin or monster villain and celebrate Halloween! If you don’t want to feel left out of the fold but don’t have much of a budget to buy an expensive costume with, then don’t fret, because we’ve found some great printable Halloween masks for you to use on the day.


Printable Halloween Masks

We’ve scoured the internet to try and find you some fantastic Halloween mask designs and they’ve been included in this list below. Remember that these are just a few examples of Halloween mask designs so if you don’t find the perfect one for you, then make sure to perform a quick Google search and you’ll be sure to find something that might suit you better.


Half-Face Halloween Masks

Particularly great for younger kids, these colourful half-face Halloween masks come in a variety of different styles such as pumpkins, cats and other ghoulish creations. To use these Halloween masks, simply print off the template of your choice and then follow the instructions that come with the template download. You‘ll need some scissors, a craft knife, some glue and some string to finish creating the mask after printing it off but these colourful masks will make a great quick children’s Halloween costume!

FMS Blog Halloween Masks


Animal Halloween Masks

Not looking to scare people but just dress up as something a bit more unique for the Halloween occasion instead? These Animal masks are great for both adults and children with a variety of designs including a rabbit, ferret and other small animals. When printing these, you’ll need to use a full sheet of paper whilst gluing some cardboard onto the back. Once you’ve stuck that together, make sure to cut around the border using a craft knife or scissors and then poke some holes in the two side edges near the middle of the mask. After that, it’s a simple case of attaching some string to keep the mask in place and then you’ll have an Animal Halloween Mask, ready to wear on Halloween night. If you want to add further horror, these templates also come in zombie versions!

FMS Blog Printable Masks


Traditional Halloween Masks

Halloween is all about the creepy monsters and ghastly ghouls, so these printable Halloween Masks feature some great traditional designs such as zombies, witches and other creatures. For the best results with these mask designs, you’ll need a sheet of card to print these off which can then be decorated with colouring pens, stickers etc. Once the mask has been coloured in and decorated, you’ll need to cut out the design and pierce eye holes in the design. If you don’t want to use string or elastic to keep the mask on your face, you can also print off a paper fastener (again, card would be recommended) to use or you can attach the mask to a piece of wire or a stick for a handheld option.


FMS Blog Halloween


Remember that these are just a few examples of the types of printable Halloween mask designs that are available, but which is your favourite?

We’d love to hear from you at FMS Blog so let us know!




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