Print Without Compromise – Choose Original HP Printing Supplies

There are some compromises you may need to make in life, but choosing reliable Ink and Toner isn’t one of them! Here’s why you should choose Original HP Printing Supplies every time.

When searching for replacement Ink and Toner cartridges, the temptation can be all too much to make compromises in order to cut corners and reduce costs.

But if the history of HP printing wasn’t built on shortcuts and compromises, neither should your purchasing be when it comes to new printing supplies for your machine!

When you choose HP, you’re avoiding a heap of unnecessary compromises and a number of potential headaches too – here’s why.

Printing Without Compromise

Compromising for poorer quality and worsened performance is a thing of the past when choosing HP printing supplies.

But what can happen when you purchase and use imitation printing supplies?

Let’s take a look…

Performance and Reliability

Using Imitation Printing Supplies:

Compromise - Original HP Printing Supplies

• A noticeable decline in overall printing performance and print quality
• Potential damage to your printer
• The need to replace cartridges at a quicker rate
• Damage to your reputation as a business

With Original HP Printing Supplies:

• Consistent printing performance and high-quality print outs every time
• No risk of damage to your machine
• Longer lasting ink and toner before the need for replenishment
• Business as usual

Environmental Impact

Imitation Printing Supplies:

• Use more energy and fossil fuels
• Contribute to a larger carbon footprint
• Are highly likely to have to be sent to landfill
• Won’t include a free recycling programme

Original HP Printing Supplies:

• Contain eco-driven technology to reduce energy usage
Create less of an environmental impact
• Won’t be sent to landfill
• Include a free recycling programme

Purchase Original HP Printing Supplies from FMS

Don’t put up with the compromises that come with using imitation printing supplies – purchase Original HP Ink Cartridges and Toner Cartridges from Find My Supplies and know that you’re getting the real deal in printing performance and reduced economic impact.

When quality and reliability matter, choose Original HP cartridges.

Why settle for poor imitations instead?

Sam Rose