Must Have Features For Your Next Printer

Buying a new printer from time to time is something the majority of us computer users will have to do at some point in our lives. As older models become obsolete and incompatible with modern operating systems and computer hardware, newer models of printers are released with an array of technology included that your older printer didn’t have.

FMS Blog Xerox Connect KeyYou will have no doubt weighed up the pros and cons of buying either an inkjet or a laser printer as your next printer. You know what your preferences are towards paper handling, toner yield and even the noise the printer makes when printing out documents.FMS Blog HP Next Printer

What might surprise you as a business printer user, is that sometimes that simplest of printers are the most appropriate for your workplace, because they can prove to be more cost effective.

Gone are the days when printers were considered a mere necessary piece of equipment, crammed into the corners or offices, piled up on desks or situated in dedicated rooms, the size of a cupboard. The modern printer has evolved and it is now considered the driving force behind much of the productivity in the office/ work environment.

With the right features and technology, a printer can give you a detailed depiction of the printing habits of your business, as well as help to reduce any inefficient processes, that might be costing your business. If you get it wrong, printing can cost a business a small fortune, which isn’t good news for SME’s that need to carefully control their spending.

What Should You Look For In Your Next Printer?

  • On-Demand Printing Function

This incredibly useful technology allows member of staff to collect their print job from any printing device on the network. In the past, this kind of technology has fallen out of reach for SME’s, because it has relied on expensive software. However, times are changing, with many of the well known printer manufacturers such as Fuji Xerox and HP, making the technology affordable for small and medium businesses.

  • Reporting Functionality

The ability to capture information about your printing activity is something that is immensely valuable to a business. It can be achieved in a number of ways including using a PIN security card, on-device software, as well as software on your network.

  • Cost Recovery Software

The finance departments of businesses far and wide will love it if you implement cost recovery software.FMS Blog Reduce Printer Waste

The benefits of cost recovery software include the following.

  • You can see who is printing what and how often. This allows you to assess whether or not any cost saving measures need to be introduced.
  • The ability to generate printing reports quickly, which can provide a clear break-down of printing activity.
  • The information you can obtain from cost recovery software can help towards making simple changes to your overall business printing policy.
  • It can help to eliminate paper and toner wastage, by ensuring that documents that aren’t collected are never printed.
  • It can help to cut down on personal and unnecessary printing, because employees know they are being monitored.
  • The ability to assign the cost of printing to individuals and departments.

When looking at your next printer, it is wise to think beyond its functionality and to look for a device that can save money as well as add value to your business.

Brook Chalmers