Match Your Face to a Work of Art

Do you often marvel at the Mona Lisa? Gasp at the impressive works of Vincent Van Gogh? Now you can match your face to some of the world’s most famous art pieces with Google’s Arts and Culture app.

Released in 2016, Google’s Arts and Culture app received a brand new update in January which allows users to match a photo of their face to any number of similar artistic self-portraits. To enable the brand new feature, the user uploads a ‘selfie’ to the app which is then scanned and analysed before being paired with a classical art piece. Whilst not providing a completely accurate match, the app returns a percentage along with every art piece of how similar it is to the photo uploaded by the user. Google are hoping that this new tool will help to engage and educate many on the world’s different and historic cultures, with the database included within the app featuring more than 80,000 different art pieces taken from more than 6,000 museums across the world.

I Recognise That Face

To produce art pieces which best match up to a user’s uploaded photo, Google’s Arts and Culture app uses advanced facial recognition technology. The software is able to identify similar patterns present in both a user’s uploaded ‘selfie’ and any art work featured in the app’s database. The method involves a digital printing process, where the app will create a digital print to highlight unique characteristics of facial features. This includes the size of someone’s nose, size of their eyes and even as detailed as the traces of facial hair the ‘selfie’ contains. As more users upload their photos to the app’s database, Google are hopeful that it will further improve the accuracy of their facial recognition technology.

Matching Up

Unfortunately for people based in the UK and other parts of Europe, the feature isn’t currently available to access. Google have only intended to release the tool to a small audience base for experimental purposes. If you don’t live in Australia, Canada, India, New Zealand, Singapore or the US, there is currently a workaround which will allow you to try it out. It requires the use of a phone based VPN service (searchable on the internet). After you’ve downloaded and activated a VPN service, change your location within the VPN to any of the previously mentioned locations, close and re-open the Google Arts and Culture app and you should see the new ‘selfie match’ option visible and ready to use!

The question is, which art piece will you match up best to?

Sam Rose