Making Your Holiday Photos More Memorable

In life, it’s human nature for us to often try to capture inspiring moments and memorable sights through photography. From breathtaking landscapes to cherished loved ones, it’s a great feeling to keep photos close to your heart. Whilst printing these on paper is a good option, there a few other printing methods we’ve listed below that you can use to really make an impression!

Wood Printing

If you want to preserve your favorite scenic shot in a unique way, you could try to use a technique called wood mounting. Using wood as a printing surface really gives your chosen photos a really rustic and traditional twist and are great to mount up on walls. For smaller prints, you could place it on a table or a shelf for all to see.


FMS Blog Woodcut Design

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Looking for something a bit more risky but worth the effort if created correctly? Then printing your photos onto wallpaper is another excellent way of making your photography stand out. As with wood printing, using a picturesque environment or an awe-inspiring view will provide the best results here. If you are using custom photo wallpaper for the first time though, we’d recommend using a grayscale or black & white photo as this is more likely to match with whatever else is in the same space.



Acrylic Prints

Something you may not have thought about before is using an acrylic surface to print directly onto, which, if done correctly, brings a print truly to life! With acrylic surfaces, light often refracts within it which then creates a high amount of vibrancy and colour when overhead lighting bounces off from it. Give it a try!


FMS Blog Acrylic Printing

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Photo Books

Sometimes, proudly displaying one photo just isn’t enough, which is where photo books come in. Creating a photo book is an excellent way of storing your favourite snaps and can be created in a variety of different styles too! You could choose to create something traditional like a leather-bound book or a glossy magazine – the possibilities really are endless!


photo album


Next time you capture a really creative or memorable moment, why not try using one of the printing methods above to create something really worth treasuring and looking back on for years to come?


Sam Rose