Making Ink Cartridges Last Longer

If you regularly print out documents or photos, you’ll know the frustration of running out of ink. It’s like running out of printing paper, but it can be easy to avoid. One way to resolve issues like these is to stock up on new paper or ink cartridges. But did you know there are ways of making ink last longer? Find out some top tricks below on preserving that precious ink on your prints!


Changing Font or Font Size

Did you know that certain fonts use up more ink on print outs? One of the worst offenders is the Arial font! Some better fonts to use for ink preservation are Century Gothic, Ecofont and Times New Roman. These font styles are better at producing less ink for text on documents. You could also consider using a smaller font size to reduce ink usage. Font sizes over 14 will take up more space on print outs. Reducing the size will mean that the printer will use less ink in ink cartridges to create text. This means that images will use more of the ink instead.



Use Print Preview Mode

You might sometimes realise that you’ve wasted ink on non-important details when printing a web page. Features such as adverts sometimes show up on a print which is detrimental to ink saving efforts. You can resolve this by opening a document in print preview mode. Using print preview mode means that you can remove extras like these from your final print out.


Printing In Grayscale

If your document doesn’t need colour, then printing in Grayscale is a great way to preserve colour ink in ink cartridges. This can be changed in the set up process before you choose to print. It’s the ideal option for text based documents that contain very little images. You will find that most print outs in the office or at home don’t usually need colour. Printing in grayscale is a great tip for increasing the longevity of colour ink.


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Use N-Up Printing

N-Up printing is an unknown feature that works great for saving on both paper and ink usage. If you are printing out a document containing several pages, N-Up printing is a good option to use. It will shrink down the size of text, but will fit content from several pages onto one single sheet. You can enable this in the driver settings of your printer.


These handy tips are great for preserving ink in most cases but if you still require a top up on your ink, remember that the Find My Supplies website is the best place to buy genuine HP Ink Cartridges and other printing supplies.


Sam Rose