Kyocera, originally established as the Kyoto Ceramics Company, was founded in the Japanese city of Kyoto, in the year 1959, by Kazu Inamori.

Kazuo Inamori

Kazuo Inamori

Through internal developments, strategic mergers and acquisitions the company, known as Kyocera since 1982, has evolved into a multinational business that manufactures industrial ceramics, solar power generating systems, telecommunications equipment, office document imaging equipment, electronic components, semiconductor packages, cutting tools, and components for medical and dental implant systems.

Document Imaging Equipment

Kyocera Ecosys Printer Range

Ecosys Printer Range

Kyocera is now a well known brand in the printing industry, manufacturing an extensive range of printers and toner cartridges, which are sold throughout Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Australia and North and South America.

Whether you’re a consumer or a large business, Kyocera has a fantastic lineup of printers, to suit your needs. Many of these printers are multifunctional, meaning that tasks such as sending a fax, copy a document or scanning something to be stored digitally can be performed by Kyocera document imaging equipment.

Ecosys Printer Range

The Ecosys printer range solves three problems that printer users encounter over and over again every day. These three issues are based around the topics of ecology, economy and compatibility.

The printers in this range have been designed to reduce the overall environmental impact of running a printer, minimise the costs of continuous usage and to integrate seamlessly with information systems and networks.


The TASKalfa multifunctional printers are built to be ultra-reliable and efficient, providing a comprehensive range of document solutions for every user.


TASKalfa multifunction printer.

As mentioned previously manufacturing environmentally friendly products is something that Kyocera do well and this is evident in their toner-only system. As toner runs out, you just replenish it, without replacing disposable cartridges. By replacing toner in this way, the impact on the environment is reduced massively, by minimising the amount of waste.

Amorphous Silicon Drums otherwise known as Photoreceptor drums have protective amorphous silicon coatings surrounding them, which means they have twice the service life of their conventional counterpart models. It is estimated that they can produce roughly 600,000 pages.

The PSLP (positive-charged single-layer photoconductor) drum can last over ten times the lifespan of conventional OPC imaging units. Kyocera’s PSLP offers up to 100,000 printed pages with no replacement parts.

The Kyocera Philosophy

Respect the divine and love people. – Corporate motto.

The Kyocera Philosophy relates to life and management. Its central principle is to “Do what is right as a human being,” a concept we include in all our decision making. By showing the importance of fairness and diligent effort, it serves as a paradigm for our conduct.

The Amoeba Management System

Amoeba Management involves dividing an organization into small units that operate as independent profit-and-loss centers directly linked to their respective markets. This system fosters leaders with management awareness and creates the foundation for Kyocera’s “management by all employees.”

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