The Key Benefits of Multipack Ink Cartridges

Do you regularly buy multipack ink cartridges? If not, you could miss out on gaining more value for your money and a way to simplify restocking your printing ink. Here are a few key benefits you should consider.

When we mentioned in a previous article that printing ink is the seventh most expensive liquid in the world, it’s not hard to see why. In total, the average UK office worker will print up to 10,000 pages per year which soon adds up when you run a medium or large sized business. So what can combat this large amount of annual spending? What change can be made so that you gain as much value for your money as possible when purchasing printer ink? Read on as we provide you with some reasons why multipack ink cartridges could be the solution.

Multipack Ink Cartridges are Better Value

You don’t have to be a mathematician to notice the cost of replacement ink cartridges can soon start to add up. It also becomes clear that black ink cartridges cost more than colour ink cartridgescyan, magenta and yellow. When taking all this into account, it becomes obvious to see the extra value that multipack ink cartridges will provide you with. Combining a replacement black ink cartridge and tri-colour ink or individual colour cartridges into the same packaging means that the cost per pack is much less than purchasing black and colour ink cartridges separately, saving you money in the long run.


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You’ll Always Be Prepared

How many times have you looked in the workplace stock cupboard or in a drawer at home to try and find a replacement ink cartridge? Whilst sometimes you might be successful in finding one, it could turn out to be the wrong colour or size for the ink that needs replacing in your printer. This could then mean you spending time on the internet trying to source the correct size of cartridge required or attempting to find more stock of a cartridge in a particular colour. Multipack ink cartridges mean that this is an issue that rarely occurs, as you’ll always have the required colours or the correct sizes of cartridge ready to insert into your printer when the need arises.


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They Use Less Packaging

Whilst this may be an obvious point to note when comparing single ink cartridges to multipacks, multipack ink cartridges use less packaging. This can make a huge difference for both the environment and for the storage in your workplace or at home. Rather than having to wade through packs upon packs of different ink cartridge boxes to find a particular cartridge, multipacks mean that you’ll always have a selection of ink cartridges in one pack and in one place, all the time. If you’ve got environmental responsibility goals to meet, it can make a very subtle, but impactful reason to choose multipack packaging over singular.


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