Inkjet vs Laserjet Printers

It can be a tough decision when deciding to purchase your first printer. The two most popular types of printers are Inkjet and Laser, but what exactly sets them apart and which will be the right printer that will be up to the tasks you set it up to do?

If you work in an office, you’ll need to consider what the best printer to handle mass printing jobs will be, whereas if you want something that you can link up to your personal computer at home, you may want to consider taking into account the overall quality of print that the printer can provide you with.


Investing In A Printer

There are two key questions that you should probably ask yourself before coming to a decision of choosing which type of printer will best suit your workspace. Firstly, what is it that you are going to be printing on a regular basis and why?

Also, it’s good to consider the question of how much you or your workplace prints in the typical space of a month or a few months and how much ink and toner cartridges are going to cost you for the printer you purchase, as these will need to be replaced regularly throughout a printer’s life cycle.


The Benefits Of An Inkjet Printer

The first advantage that will immediately show when using an Inkjet Printer is that Inkjet is known as being able to create crisper, sharper photos due to the technology contained within them. Typically, Inkjet Printers are more likely to be used for home use and casual printing jobs, however there are still workplaces and office spaces that do use these for printing presentations, important documents etc.

Another factor to why some business owners prefer Inkjet Printers is down to their overall cost, which means that they can become easier and cheaper to replace if they experience issues or break down. The ink cartridges that Inkjet Printers carry are usually much smaller in size than those used in Laser Printers, which does mean a slight sacrifice in the amount of pages you will be able to print before you run out of ink.

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The Benefits Of A Laser Printer

For larger printing jobs, Laser Printers are seen as the best type of printing solution for workplaces due to the fact that they can be considered to have been created with a much more commercial, rather than personal use, in mind.  Considered to be much more efficient in their use of toner, Laser Printers also have a higher page capacity and will print onto paper at a much quicker pace than using Inkjet.

Another advantage they hold is the way they are often built means that they become much easier to repair in the long run. Unfortunately, while it looks apparent that a Laser Printer is the better choice to have in a work space, the cost of ink cartridges and toner cartridges is raised higher due to their increase in volume of ink. Equally, Laser Printer units are also likely to cost much more than Inkjet printers, so it comes down to personal preference and how much you are willing to spend which would determine if purchasing a Laser Printer over an Inkjet Printer will be more beneficial to you in the long run.

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This article has been adapted from Inkjet vs. Laser: Are you using the right printers to reduce business inefficiencies? By Jayne Gest

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