Are You a HP Sustainability Hero?

Not all heroes wear capes. Learn how you and your business can become a HP Sustainability Hero by improving the sustainability of the planet in our latest article.

Maintaining sustainability in the workplace can sometimes feel like a difficult task. In fact, a survey conducted by Bain & Company reveals that of the 300 companies that were studied, only 2% were able to ‘achieve or exceed the sustainability expectations that were set’.

More worryingly, the same survey indicated that 81% of businesses ‘settled for the dilution of value and mediocre sustainability performance’ with a bleak 16% completely failing to deliver on their sustainability goals altogether, with some producing less than 50% of their expected results.

The road to print sustainability however, starts with something as simple as using HP’s sustainable print supplies, making you and your business a HP Sustainability Hero in the process.

Here are the missions (should you choose to accept them) that will lead your business into becoming much more sustainable with its printing efforts.

Only Use Original HP Ink and Toner Cartridges

HP Printer Ink Cartridges

The first step toward achieving print sustainability and HP Sustainablity Hero status?

Making sure you don’t shortcut quality and only use genuine HP Ink and Toner supplies.

The temptation might be too much to turn to other imitation cartridges in order to make a small saving on your business printing costs, but you should resist if you want to meet your Corporate Social Responsibility aims and objectives.

Only Genuine HP Ink and Toner Cartridges contain the technology required to help you with your sustainability objectives.

Imitation cartridges and laser toners use more energy and fossil fuels to try and compensate for missing these vital components.

Evidence even shows that the extra greenhouse gases and harmful chemicals that imitation supplies produce contribute to a much larger carbon footprint when compared to Genuine HP printing products.

Don’t fall at the first hurdle – only purchase Genuine HP Ink Cartridges and Toners if you want to avoid environmental repercussions.

Support Zero Deforestation Efforts with HP Paper

Every good Hero needs a sidekick, so when it comes to becoming a Sustainablity Hero, let HP provide a helping hand.

Producing brighter and more vibrant print outs compared to other ordinary papers, HP Paper has all of the premium quality and detail you’d expect – with added sustainability credentials to match.

HP Paper is made from 100% certified fiber or recycled content, further helping to support HP’s zero deforestation goals and aiding you to achieving positive sustainability status too.

With sharp colours and text which surpasses most ordinary office papers, brighter and lighter results when put up next to most ordinary copy papers and unbeatable quality and value when compared to other copy papers, HP Paper is the only paper your printer really deserves.

Final HP Sustainability Hero Mission – Take Advantage of the HP Planet Partners Programme

As outlined by HP, the HP Planet Partners programme is HP’s pledge to help make the world a greener place.

The programme includes HP Return and Recycle, which allows for the easy recycling of HP printer supplies, any brand of computer hardware and rechargeable batteries.

So, in the final step to becoming a HP Sustainablity Hero, what are the key advantages of using HP Planet Partners?

  • It’s completely FREE – Any return material you provide is paid for by HP themselves.
  • It’s simple to contribute to – All of the resources you need in order to start recycling with HP Planet Partners are available on the website.
  • It’s environmentally responsible – No Original HP Ink Cartridges or Toners returned using HP Planet Partners are sent to landfill and are never refilled or resold.

To get started, just visit the HP Recycle website here, select the type of customer you are (Consumer, Small Business, Public Sector etc.) and then simply follow the instructions provided.

By following all the steps above, it couldn’t be easier to become a HP Sustainability Hero.

Are you up to the task?

Sam Rose