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1970s HP develops Inkjet Printers that can reproduce digital images generated by computers. 
1984 HP introduces the first Inkjet and Laser Printers for the desktop, economising on space and broadening the consumer market 
1988 HP breaks into the home-consumer market with the first Deskjet Printer, making domestic printing a reality. 
1992 HP pushes past the boundaries of printing quality and introduces the LaserJet 4, the first 600×600 dots per inch resolution laser printer 
2003 HP introduces the first Wireless Printing and Biometric Security Solutions for Microsoft.NET Compact Framework, reinventing the way we print documents 
2014 HP releases HP SureSupply Express and HP Instant Ink, redefining and simplifying the management of printer ink levels for both business and domestic consumers alike.



In the late 1970s HP earned global respect for a variety of products, specifically the development of the inkjet printer. The reproduction of digital images as a printed document was a revolutionary advancement of digital technology and was the defining moment in the reimagining of the personal computer.

A few years later in 1984, HP condensed the size of their printers and introduced the first desktop laser and inkjet printers. This optimisation of size pushed printers out of dedicated spaces and onto office desks, enabling smaller offices to upgrade into the new world of printing, without sacrificing high-cost office space.

1988 saw the introduction of the first Deskjet printer, this product was a direct hit on the consumer market, providing them with a reliable everyday printer through which the perceptibility of domestic printing was realised.

Another breakthrough for HP occurred in 1992, with the unveiling of the Laserjet 4. The 600×600 DPI print resolution not only increased the quality of document printing tenfold, but it coincided with the introduction of the digital camera. This immaculate combination of digital imagery technology and high resolution printing meant that the Laserjet 4 became the go-to printer for both professional and budding photographers alike.

In 2003, HP yet again pushed printers and their software into the new millennium with the development of Wireless Printing. This eradicated the need for a myriad of network cables within office spaces and allowed domestic laptop users to be completely free of cables during every step of their document creation process. Wireless printing technology has concreted itself into its second decade of existence as an indispensible commodity of modern day document printing.

Over the decades HP has invested heavily in the development of the optimum products for business and domestic printing. In the blink of an eye we have seen an immense technological advancement, from the creation of the first inkjet printer, to printing in an exemplary and ground breaking quality, all the way to unrestricting printing with the introduction of wireless technology.

Now that HP’s hardware is an immaculate office and domestic life staple, it’s time for the maintenance software to catch up and in true HP fashion, it has the potential to redefine the way we interact with our office equipment, permanently.

Welcome, to the 21st century.


The Evolution of Printer Ink Solutions


Picture the scene: it’s 1988 and your printer has started to run out of ink. Your documents are coming out faded and stripy, and what should be a beautiful cyan colour is now somewhere closer to a hazy-grey smudge, it’s time to replace those ink cartridges. This usually consisted of what seemed like a nation-wide search to find a place that had even heard of ink cartridges, let alone stocked them, but thankfully the days of traipsing through to a specialist ink merchant are gone.

As the years progressed, technology advanced and domestic printers settled down for the long haul as a generic household commodity. Printer inks became an everyday sight in high street stores and, indeed, they still are today. With more than 1.1 billion cartridges bought worldwide per annum, it’s no surprise that consumers are now taking to the internet to source printer inks as quickly and cheaply as possible.

Although purchasing inks online would still seem to be the optimum way to keep your printer stocked up, Hewlett Packard have developed two new pieces of software which could easily render the online purchase of inks as redundant as the specialist ink merchant stores that once graced our high streets.

Welcome to the 21st Century


HP SureSupply Express



Hewlett-Packard has developed HP SureSupply Express as a free downloadable app that enables you to check your printer’s ink levels and order genuine, low price toners and cartridges from a reputable seller, all this is only the touch of a screen, a press of a button, or a mouse click away.





First off you’ll need a wireless printer that’s connected to your network. Then grab your chosen gadget and download the free HP SureSupply Express app, available on Android and iTunes, or Desktop. After filling in a brief registration form, the app connects to your printer instantly and seamlessly, recognising your printer model and capturing ink level data in real time.

Whenever you’re connected to the same wireless network as your printer, you can check the current ink levels and order cartridges or toners specific to your printer model. The software is connected exclusively to Find My Supplies, the leading supplier of Original HP ink and toner supplies, so you can expect quality products at low prices, with free next day delivery thrown in. Not only is HP SureSupply Express the fastest way to monitor ink consumption and replenish your stocks, but you can do it all without moving from your chair, or conducting a Google search.






If you’re in a static work environment, or prefer to use your laptop for printer ink management, HP has also developed a desktop version of the Sure Supply Express app. This works in the same way as the tablet and mobile apps and even sends you notifications when your ink levels are starting to run low. The simple self-serve app enables you to choose the cartridge yield as well as securely storing your billing and payment details to ensure swift, pain-free ordering.

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If you want to learn more about HP SureSupply Express, click here and use the invitation code below to get started.


HP Instant Ink


With HP Instant Ink, Hewlett-Packard is yet again redefining the way we buy inks and toners. With a monthly subscription service, starting at just £1.99 a month, HP Instant Ink can save you a whopping 70% off your annual ink and toner bills, and eradicate the need to mollycoddle your printer.

So how does it work?


After first purchasing an Eligible Instant Ink Printer, you can then decide your level of printer use: 50, 100 or 300 pages a month. If you don’t use all these pages within a month, they rollover, or if you need more, you can purchase bundles of additional pages from just £1. The monthly price includes your ink, shipping, an environmentally friendly recycling service and complete stress-free printer ink ordering. So sit back, put your feet up and let your printer do the hard work for you.

The first thing you’ll know about needing to replace your ink cartridges will be a cheeky little delivery from HP arriving on your doorstep. Not only does your printer order your ink for you, but it does so before your ink runs out. For frequent printer users, this service could save you an estimated £516 a year, certainly not a sum to be sniffed at. On top of this there’s no annual fee and you can cancel or change your plan at any time.



Thankfully printer ink solutions are finally as impressive and advanced as the printers themselves and HP are at the helm of the pioneering enterprise. Not only have Hewlett-Packard provided the tech world with a plethora of progressive inventions, but they have continued to challenge and reinvent the ways in which we use, maintain and interact with their hardware.

The HP SureSupply app, alongside the HP Instant Ink printer range, will ensure that consumers are able to replenish their ink levels at the optimum speed, without a hint of inconvenience. So whether you  fancy splashing out on a new printer or just want to download the app, HP have provided a seamless way to ensure that this notification, together with the accompanying exasperations of purchasing new inks, will be a relegated to the history books.


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