HP to Launch New Full Colour 3D Printers

In a set of announcements made by HP this week, HP revealed the impending launch of two new full colour 3D printers which will be able to create full colour 3D printing.

Utilizing HP’s Multi Jet Fusion technology, the new machines will be able to create colour for every voxel in all created prints (voxels are like pixels, but instead is the measurement used on a 3D grid). With the level of control capable, the printers will be able to replicate precise colour details along with smooth colour fades and shades. The new printers, entitled the Jet Fusion 300/500 series, will be the first full colour 3D printers to produce functional print parts in full colour or black and white. It marks a huge advancement for their Jet Fusion technology platform.

Testing the Technology

During their announcement, HP spoke of its working partnership with Phoenix Children’s Hospital, Yazaki Corp and Youngstown State University. Each have been experimenting with finding new purposes for the full colour 3D printers. One example of this is Phoenix Children’s Hospitals implementation of the technology, which was able to recreate an anatomical model of a patient’s heart that features a complex defect. Creating advanced colour prints like these can allow doctors to create a better visual picture for optimal surgery paths.

Phoenix Children's Hospital 3D Printed Full Colour Heart Mode

Full Colour 3D Printing for All

Not wanting to limit its technology to large businesses and research partners, HP’s rollout of their new full colour 3D printers will be opened up to smaller enterprises, design teams and educational facilities too. When asked for more details on how companies will benefit from the technology, Stephen Nigro, president of HP’s 3D printing operations commented that the lower-cost 3D printers will appeal to a large interest base adding “When we look at utilizing 3D printing we have a hurdle. It has to make economic and business sense to do.” Nigro also noted that this is part of a wider open materials strategy. “The world thinks about platforms and that’s what’s happening today. “What we’re doing is partnering on open material. By partnering, anyone that wants to have a material development kit is able to.”



HP – HP Accelerates Democratization of 3D Printing

Sam Rose