HP Introducing Safe and Secure Devices For Healthcare

The healthcare industry presents unique challenges when it comes to technology in not only safety and security but also efficiency. To help combat this, HP Inc has announced a new line of laptops, displays and all-in-one desktops that have been designed with health care workers in hospitals and clinics in mind.

The laptops have been designed to be sanitizable, which means that they can be easily cleaned by using germicidal wipes with no worries that the moisture will damage any of the electronics. This is particularly important for the healthcare industry as there was a reported 1.7 million illnesses reported in the US each year, with 99,000 deaths, from health care associated infections according to the CDC.

Along with being able to be cleaned with germicidal wipes, the laptops allow the keyboard and touchscreen to be disabled while cleaning, helping to reduce the chance of any information being accidentally inputted.

Designed With Healthcare In Mind

The three new products include the HP EliteOne 800 Healthcare Edition All-in-One desktop, the 27 inch HP Healthcare Edition Clinical Review Display and finally the EliteBook 840 Healthcare Edition notebook.

They have been specifically designed with the healthcare industry in mind as a few other features have been included in each device. For example the notebook has a touchpad that has been engineered to recognise touch even when wearing surgical gloves whereas all three have an RFID reader which allows workers to sign in by simply tapping their work badges on the touchpad.

Alongside this is the useful fingerprint reader on the notebook, helping to provide further security for devices being used in hospitals or clinics. With health records being incredibly important, it is equally as important to ensure that they are protected from being stolen.

“Healthcare is a unique setting, and our customers are looking for a very specific set of technology solutions. The HP Healthcare Edition portfolio was designed from the ground up with the needs of clinicians in mind, resulting in a portfolio of industry-first offerings that include the world’s most secure and manageable devices,” said Alex Cho, vice president and general manager, Commercial PCs, HP Inc.





Sarah Jubb