HP Environmental Contributions Receive Top Honours from CDP

HP environmental contributions have received top honours from the CDP for actions relating to climate, forests and water over the past year.

As announced via an official press release, HP have been awarded top honours by the global environmental nonprofit company, CDP, for their environmental based work and sustainability initiatives that have been put into place by the company over the past year.

The triple ‘A’ rankings achieved by HP are a direct recognition of HP’s work towards cutting emissions, developing a low carbon economy, mitigating potential climate risks, along with the overall strength of the computing giant’s strength in reporting and disclosing key information relating to their environmental contributions.

The CDP Annual Environmental Scoring Process

The CDP’s annual environmental scoring process has become widely recognized as one of the leading gold standards of corporate environmental transparency by key investors, governments, companies and non-government associated agencies.

Data on environmental impacts, risks and opportunities was requested by more than 525 investors and 125 major purchasers in 2019 on more than 8,400 companies who all disclosed their key figures and statistics.

179 of these companies made the Climate ‘A’ List, with 8 making the Forests ‘A’ List, 71 making the Water ‘A’ List and 159 making the rankings on the Supplier Engagement Leaderboard.

After CDP reviewed HP’s disclosed data based on these areas, HP environmental contributions received the highest award of three ‘A’ rankings in Forests, Water and Climate, becoming the only US company to gain a triple ‘A’ ranking during the scoring process.

HP Environmental Contributions ‘A Model for True Environmental Leadership’

Commenting further on HP receiving top honours from the CDP, Bruno Sarda, President of CDP North America expressed:

“Congratulations to HP for earning a spot on this year’s Forests, Water and Climate A Lists – they are a model for true environmental leadership.

Climate change, water insecurity and deforestation are undeniable business risks if unaddressed and we must transition to a low-carbon economy now to avoid the worst impacts.

‘A List’ companies know sustainability presents an exciting race to the top, an opportunity to innovate and rethink business as usual, proving that environmental responsibility simply makes good business sense.”

Showing appreciation for HP environmental contributions receiving a triple ‘A’ ranking from the CDP and for gaining a place on the Supplier Engagement Leaderboard, Nate Hurst, Chief Sustainability and Social Impact Officer at HP commented:

“It’s never been more urgent for companies, like HP, to take decisive and immediate action to address climate-related impacts, and to expect and incentivize their supply chain partners to do the same.

We are honored to be one of only five companies to achieve both a triple ‘A’ ranking from CDP for our leadership in climate action, forest protection and water stewardship and be on the Supplier Engagement Leaderboard.”

He added:

“It’s a testament to the commitment HP has made as a company to create positive, lasting change for the planet, its people and our communities.”

To learn more about HP’s environmental efforts, please visit the HP Sustainable Impact website.

Sam Rose