HP 920XL Tri-Colour Ink and Paper Value Pack

We all know that running a home printer can be somewhat annoying at times. No sooner have you replaced one of the ink cartridges, you realise that you’ve also run out of paper. The chances are you’ll probably run out of one thing shortly after the other and more often than not, you’ll have to make multiple individual purchases, before you can get your printer back up and running.

Here at FMS Blog, we like to find solutions to your problems and having shopped around, we found a great solution for HP Inkjet printers. It’s the HP 920XL Tri-Colour Ink and Paper Value Pack which contains three colour ink cartridges and 50 sheets of A4 paper in one convenient pack. You could also try the HP 301 Tri-Colour pack, as another option if you’re just looking for the ink.

If you’re not already tempted to replenish your HP Inkjet printer with genuine HP Ink and paper, then we’re here to provide you with all the information you need about the Value Pack.

About The Value Pack

Perfect for everyday use, the HP 920XL Tri-Colour Value Pack provides you with two key pieces of the HP Modular Ink Delivery System, which uses ultra-small ink drops for exceptionally refined print quality and super-quick speeds.FMS Blog HP 920XL Value Pack

The HP 920XL cartridges are some of the most hassle free cartridges out there, in the world of printer ink. They have been specifically designed for efficient ink usage and yield a low cost-per-page printing solution,
making this an ideal pack for the home user.

The ink inside the HP 920XL Tri-Colour Ink is for the moderate to occasional printer user, who is looking for a value for money option. The Value Pack also comes with 50 sheets of 180gsm A4 Matte paper, so you will have everything you need to keep your printing going at home.

The thermal Inkjet technology inside HP products is one of the best performing, most reliable and cost effective printing technologies on today’s marketplace. The technology also ensures that you get quieter, unobtrusive printing, which is ideal when concentration is the key.

HP ink cartridges contain a smart chip that optimises print quality and will warn you when your ink is low. This of course is a great time to consider purchasing another HP 920XL Tri-Colour Ink and Paper Value Pack.

Sam Rose