How to Create Great Group Photographs

It can be easy for us to press a single button on a camera or a smartphone to think that we’ve then captured some good group photographs. But to create some great ones? Well, it requires a little more thought and effort.

Think back to the last time you took some group photographs. What was the occasion? What was the mood like? Who or what was in your photographs? All these things are important when trying to create a great group photograph for print or display. In fact, a photograph can be a lot more powerful than you might first think. According to researchers at the University of Southern California Marshall School of Business, taking group photos creates a better life experience and can even make you happier as a result. So, if you feel like it’s time to dust off your camera or open up your phone’s in-built camera, here are some tips on how you can create some memorable and inspirational group photographs of your own.

Location, Location, Location

Location for Great Group Photographs

If you are someone who regularly takes photos at family occasions or during important life events, there are several ways to help liven up group photographs. One of the most important considerations is deciding what location you will use. This will depend on the type of story you are trying to get across to anyone viewing your photo. For example, is it from a family holiday? Or is it a spur of the moment trip out to a park or the seaside? You should always pick your location carefully, as it can be centrepiece of any group photograph and the overall story.

Getting Into Position

Positioning for Great Group Photographs

When you’re happy with your location set for your group photographs, it’s time to position your subjects (friends, family etc) into the scene. It’s important to realise that it’s extremely unlikely you will capture the perfect group photo on the first instance. Instead, you should take several shots of the same group photo, just to avoid any blinking eyes or someone not appearing correctly in the shot. It’s also vital to consider the lighting at your disposal. If you are taking the photo in a sunlit environment, use it to your advantage. Otherwise if you are in a darker environment, you should use a flash or increase the exposure time when taking group photographs.

Shiny Happy People

Happy People for Great Group Photographs

And above all else, if they aren’t already doing so, get your subjects to smile and relax! Their genuine happiness is likely to rub off on you too, meaning you’ve got a better chance of taking a group photograph you want to capture. Unless you are attempting to create a moody, brooding photograph, then the people within your photographs are arguably the most important piece of the photo puzzle. You will get the most out of your group photographs when capturing the more positive aspects of daily life, rather than focusing in on the more negative ones, so smile and say cheese!

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