Getting Started With T-Shirt Printing

If you’ve ever had an old T-shirt lying around that you wish you could jazz up, or simply buy a new shirt that you feel could use a little extra detail, then why not consider learning how to print on your T-shirt?

Screen printing on a T-Shirt is the perfect way to create fun new clothes to wear or to breathe some life into old clothing. It’s also simple and easy to do! The main items you will need are a screen and frame, a squeegee, a craft knife, some plain paper and some fabric ink designed for screen printing and then you can begin your T-shirt printing!

Create Your Design

Creating a Design

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The first step to screen printing on a T-shirt is to create your design. Draw it out on the paper, or cardboard if you’d rather, and then cut it out using a craft knife. The knife will work better than scissors as you will be able to cut without getting your scissors stuck in awkward positions!

Prepare Your Screen

A good idea for screen printing is to tape the edges of the screen you are using on the underside, so that no paint will accidentally meet the fabric and potentially ruin your clothing. When you lay your stencil over the screen, you will need to ensure that there is no accidental mesh showing otherwise this could cause extra paint to leak over!

Once you have done this, you will need to arrange your stencil how you would like it to be positioned over your shirt. Make sure you get it exactly how you want it, otherwise you might paint a design incorrectly!

Begin To Paint

Screen Printing

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Add some screen printing fabric ink to the top of your screen in a line. You will need to make sure that it is in a line as you will need to place the squeegee above this line and then pull it down the screen. It will pull the ink along with it and push it through the stencil onto the fabric. Repeat this and then make sure not to drip any excess ink onto your shirt when placing it to the side!

Make sure to hold the screen firmly when doing this, otherwise you could accidentally dislodge it and ruin your design.

Remove The Screen

Once you have finished painting your design, carefully remove the screen to ensure that you don’t smear it. Make sure to print any further clothes that you want quickly before the ink dries! Once you have finished, make sure to clean your screen thoroughly and throw the paper stencil away.

Create A Football Shirt For The World Cup!

Custom Football Shirt T-Shirt Printing

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With the World Cup currently entering its final stages, it’s the perfect time to create a screen-printed shirt to support your favourite team! Whether it’s for England, Brazil or any of the other nations that have taken partyou could create a football themed stencil and produce your own unique shirt!

Sarah Jubb