Find My Supplies is Expanding

To continue to meet customer requirements, Find My Supplies is expanding to offer a wider product range at the very best prices from leading brands.

You may have seen recently that we have been running some brand-new giveaways here on FMS Blog that haven’t included HP products.

And it’s likely that you may also have spotted some of our Social Media content has started featuring offers centered around broader office supplies other than Ink and Toner.

All of this has been done with the purpose of continuing to offer you, our fantastic customers, the very best in top quality products at competitive prices.

Why Find My Supplies is Expanding

Find My Supplies is expanding and is partnering with key manufacturers in the current market to greater fulfill our customers’ needs when it comes to printing supplies and now, beyond!

With this expansion, we have recently created new partnerships with brands which will help us to further widen our product offering.

The first two of these brands may be two that you’re already aware of – Nescafe and Stabilo.

There have been a few giveaways recently here on the blog that have featured products from these two brands (and there are more to come soon!), but we felt it was important to highlight exactly why we’re thrilled to be partnering with these new brands as we continue to expand our product range.


Having begun development as a dedicated coffee brand under the Nestle banner in 1930, Nescafe was originally started as an initiative of the Brazilian government in order to help in persevering the surplus of the annual coffee harvest which took place in the country.

Nescafe was then formally introduced to the world in 1938, becoming synonymous as an American staple drink due to its soluble powdered properties and was consumed by many of the soldiers during World War II.

Ever growing in popularity, Nestle then went on to produce a brand-new freeze-dried coffee brand under the Nescafe banner called Nescafe Gold in Europe in 1965, with the same delicious product being introduced to other countries with the name of Taster’s Choice in 1966.

It’s with this rich history that we are delighted to announce Nescafe as one of our new partner brands at Find My Supplies and we’re excited to be able to offer our customers with very best deals and savings on such an iconic household name.


When you think of stationery, one of the first names to come to mind is Stabilo and there’s a very good reason why!

Founded initially as Grossberger & Kurz Bleistiftfabrik (pencil company) in Nuremberg in 1855, the company was quickly acquired by the Schwanhäusser family just 10 years later in 1865.

It wouldn’t be until 1976 though that Stabilo’s true vision of offering the very best quality stationery and writing instruments would be realised, as the company was rebranded to Schwan-Stabilo in tribute to the Schwanhäußer family.

The Stabilo product range was first revealed to the world in 1992, when Schwan-Stabilo split into two separate companies – Schwan-STABILO Cosmetics and Schwan-STABILO (Writing Instruments).

In the present day, Stabilo has created itself the reputation of being one of the world’s leading stationery brands offering a plethora of office essentials including highlighters, pens, pencils, colouring pens and much more.

And now, with the new partnership between Find My Supplies and Stabilo, you can experience their offering of high-quality stationery products for yourself at the very best of prices.

Why not take a look at our dedicated Stabilo landing page to see this fantastic new range for yourself!

More New Partnerships to Come

These new partnerships are only just the beginning of a brand-new product expansion strategy at Find My Supplies, with other new brand partnership announcements still to come!

Be sure to keep checking back here on the blog, on our website, and on our Twitter and Facebook pages for the very best deals, savings and fantastic giveaways from us here at Find My Supplies as we head towards Christmas and into 2020!

Sam Rose