Evonik and HP Join Forces For 3D Printing

German specialist chemicals company Evonik is teaming up with American printing giant HP to advance the 3D printing market. They are going to be participating in HP Inc’s Open Platform programme and will be introducing new customised powder materials for the HP Multi Jet Fusion technology.

Evonik aims to create further development in additive manufacturing technologies particularly aimed at large scale production of components and parts, for example in the automotive industries. They are surely a welcome addition to HP’s Open Platform as the company has developed special polymer materials that allow for the manufacture of high tech components in 3D printing for a larger number of years.

In particular, the VESTOSINT® brand is produced at the Marl site in Germany by Evonik, using a special process. It is a modified polyamide-based powder that allows for high processing quality and Evonik will be able to build upon this to meet the rising demand for 3D printing materials.

“HP’s Multi Jet Fusion(tm) technology opens up new 3D printing applications and, in doing so, creates the basis for researching new materials for the future,” says Dr. Matthias Kottenhahn, head of Evonik’s High Performance Polymers Business Line.

What Is The HP Open Platform?

The HP Open Platform has been designed for their HP Jet Fusion 3D printer, a printer that has been specifically designed to produce high quality at up to 10 times faster and with only half the cost. The Open Platform is aimed at helping to encourage the adoption of 3D printing by expanding the amount and availability of new materials through partner collaboration such as with Evonik.

It also helps to lower material costs for consumers as well as drive performance improvements, so people get the high quality they expect from HP at a lower price. It also makes it possible to produce parts for specific industry needs.

Find out more at the HP 3D Printing site.



Sarah Jubb