Don’t Lose Your Data – 3 Reasons to Keep a Backup!

Saturday 31st of March marks an important date for technology users everywhere – World Backup Day. If you’ve ever wondered why keeping a regular backup of your precious data is so important, then check out these reasons to make you more digital data aware!

Technology. For all its advantages and benefits, it has its fair share of issues too with the likes of cyber security flaws, machine faults and even human errors that can cause us a lot of stress, regret and of course, data loss. If you’re reading this and you realise you’re guilty of not backing up your digital documents and files on a more consistent basis, then you are not alone. A recent survey revealed that almost 30% of those asked have never backed up their digital photos, files or even work documents. The statistics are alarming but it’s never too late to take better care of your data. If you still need some encouragement, here are three reasons to prompt you.


Cyber Nasties

We’re regularly hearing the horror stories of new, sinister ways to steal our money, personal data and even identities so the easiest way to defend against cyber nasties is to keep a backup of important files and documents stored away. Digital deviants such as the recent ‘Wannacry’ and other ‘ransomware’ rely on locking you out of your computer system behind a virtual wall so that accessing any of your data becomes impossible unless you meet a payment demand. The twist? They don’t have a key to help you unlock your files after you make a payment because the virus completely wipes your computer or device. It’s a frightening prospect, but having backup copies of your photos, documents and confidential data on a USB Stick puts you one step ahead of cyber crooks


Accidents Happen

If you haven’t already made an error and deleted some form of digital data due to unexpected error, it’s very likely you will do at some point . Over 29% of data loss disasters are caused by human or machine accidents which makes it important to be prepared for when you accidentally wipe your computer hard drive or delete a series of holiday photos. Whether it’s a button mispress on your keyboard, one swipe too many on your tablet or a misplaced tap of your phone screen, we’re all susceptible to making one or two digital blunders. Having a Portable Hard Drive handy makes sure to protect your larger files and makes them less likely to get erased or damaged


Lost and Not Found

If you’ve ever experienced the panic set in from misplacing your phone or tablet device somewhere in the home, imagine how you’d feel if it was completely lost forever. It’s not an unrealistic prospect either – according to research, 113 phones/digital devices are lost or stolen every minute. Whilst it’s upsetting to misplace your phone or even realise it’s been stolen from you, it can become an even worse situation if it manages to fall into the wrong hands and you use contactless payment apps or have your bank account loaded onto your phone. Making sure to keep a backup on either the cloud or through a manufacturer’s recovery service such as Apple’s iCloud or Google’s Google Drive means you can track, restore and if necessary, wipe your phone or tablet device to lessen the blow.


So take the World Backup Day pledge today and solemnly swear to backup your important documents and precious memories on March 31st (tell your friends and family too!)

Data backup has never been so important – make sure it doesn’t catch you out.

Sam Rose