Cyber Security: The Wolf Returns

Just how secure are your computer systems? Do you regularly review the strength of your business network devices? Christian Slater reprises his role as The Wolf and is back to put these questions and many others to the ultimate test in the new sequel to HP’s hit short video series.


The Wolf Hunt Continues

With the first series of The Wolf focusing on the importance of effective cyber security in order to protect a common business, the second series shifts its focus to a much more dangerous target: Hospitals. As well known, the healthcare industry stores a wealth of confidential and crucial information such as patient health records within their infrastructure. But frighteningly, a weak security network and some careless mistakes made in the workplace can mean vital data has the potential to fall into some very devious hands.

Whilst we won’t spoil how the series unfolds (we’ve included the full length cut below for you to take a look at), The Wolf has a variety of nefarious tools and cyber-weapons at his disposal in order to carry out a methodical and lethal cyber attack on one Hospital in particular. HP hopes that this will once again drive home the importance surrounding implementing effective security systems in work environments.


Damage To The Healthcare Industry

As a staple of the world’s economy and a vital source in many of our times in need, the healthcare industry has been dealt some significant damage due to poor cyber security. Statistics indicate that more than 4 billion data records were compromised worldwide, which represents a 400% increase over the previous two years. Not only is this revelation scary to healthcare professionals, but it proves even more alarming to hospital patients. Data leaks could see their personal details exposed to the wider world without them even knowing.

We can even look back more recently to see the outbreak of the Ransomware ‘Wannacry’ which took NHS hospitals across the country by complete shock. The Ransomware forced a system shutdown over the period of 24 hours, with some hospitals experiencing a system blackout for even longer.


The dangerous potential of cyber threats is becoming ever more present and HP are using The Wolf as a means to communicate how crucial it is for businesses to deploy more advanced security practices. Data, documents and devices are three of the most vulnerable points of entry, so now is the time for businesses to make sure they close the gaps.



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