Cyber Security: Beware Of The Wolf

In today’s technologically advanced world, cyber crimes such as hacking and fraud are becoming ever more commonplace. Even from just switching on the television to watch the news, you’ll see that medium to large businesses and people of interest in the public eye are now becoming the biggest target to cyber criminals. With this in mind, HP have launched a brand new advertising campaign this week entitled ‘The Wolf’ which centres around cyber security issues such as identifying vulnerabilities with computer networks, machines and even printers in the workplace and home environment.


The Wolf Campaign

If you have ever watched the popular Amazon Prime show ‘Mr Robot’, you may just recognise the star of HP’s new advertising campaign. In the video advertisements HP released this week, actor Christian Slater takes on the role of ‘The Wolf’, a hacker who demonstrates some of the key security issues in businesses. The short series of videos see Slater expose various security flaws such as unsecured printers, spam/fake emails and weak computer network firewalls, provoking an alarming insight into how easily exploits can be found and taken full advantage of. With cyber security becoming an extremely important talking point currently, HP will be hoping that the new campaign will cause many business owners and technology enthusiasts to consider some of the risks they may leave themselves exposed to without strong security in place.


HP have made their intentions clear that they wish to continue to educate the public on the dangers of weak security related to technology and continue to back many schemes dedicated to raising awareness of how to best secure digital devices and internal company networks. By including an established actor in their new ‘The Wolf’ advertising campaign, HP will be hoping that the message will cause a massive urgency towards not just business owners, but to the general public too.


The Cost Of Weak Cyber Security

Whilst perhaps this campaign hasn’t come as a direct response from recent news stories and press coverage related to ‘celebrity hacking’ scandals and the use of hacking to influence politics, it’s important to note some of the key statistics and figures behind cyber crime. Forbes reported that the overall cost of cyber crime globally is set to increase by 2019 to up to $2.1 trillion, which is almost four times the cost it created in 2015. Alarming statistics such as these and other real life world examples of how dangerous a cyber world could become if not correctly protected show that cyber security could be on its way to becoming one of the most crucial priorities to be addressed on a global scale, something that HP and other leading companies have fully recognised.


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Sam Rose