Create Treasured Memories With HP Paper

Capturing important moments in photographs has been important since photography began. It today’s world, it is incredibly easy and common to simply snap a picture to always be able to remember the memory. A recent article on FMS Blog discussed how to make your holiday photos more memorable with ideas such as wood printing or acrylic printing.

For this article, we thought we’d take a look at how you can be creative with your treasured snaps at home. Many people today simply take photos on their phone or camera and upload them to their social media network, whether that is Facebook, Instagram or something else.

There is something both exciting and nostalgic about physically printing photographs however, these are the things that will likely last for a lifetime. HP Paper has been designed to bring a professional touch to your photographs, so to bring a sense of individuality and uniqueness to your holiday photos, why not try these tips?

Photo Collage

The favourite of young people across the world, photo collages are the perfect way to create a fun memory wall in your room. The HP ZINK Sticky Backed Photo Paper is particularly ideal to create collages as it has a sticky backing that allows photos to be placed instantly. This paper has been designed for use on the go with the HP Sprocket Photo Printer, allowing memories to be made wherever you go!

Print unique photos and add them to your collage with confidence as the ZINK paper has a protective polymer overcoat layer that provides great resistance to light, water, heat and humidity. This means that your photos will be long lasting, ideal for anyone in university wanting to keep their memories.


For those who want to keep a record of important events or holidays, or would like to gift something that is a touch more personal, then a scrapbook may be the answer. Use HP Premium Plus Photo Paper 10 x 15cm to produce glossy and high quality prints that are the perfect size to stick into a scrapbook.

Choose memorable moments and consider giving them a touch of personalisation by drawing or doodling around them. If you have kept mementos such as tickets, wrappers and such, consider placing these inside as well. This will help to bring nostalgia for those treasured moments back while making the scrapbook unique.

Photo Frames

The most common way of displaying photos around the house or office is by using photo frames. These are the perfect way to showcase one or more photographs in a way that people will see. Photo frames are often inexpensive and are available in a variety of styles, from wood to glass and frames that can hold one photograph to frames that can hold 10.

HP has the ideal photograph paper for use in photo frames with the HP Advanced Photo Paper 13 x 18cm Glossy. This paper will bring your photos to life, providing you with true to life images that will always look their best when in a frame.

Print Your Photographs With HP Paper

If you can’t see the perfect photograph paper in our article for your needs, why not take a look at the range of HP Paper in our Photo Paper section available to buy on Find My Supplies? We offer free delivery on orders over £20 and have a wide range of sizes, weights and styles to suit everyone.

Sarah Jubb