How to Create a Printing Business from Home – Part 3

Print still makes money. With the work of artists, photographers and local print shops, the print business continues to thrive. In fact, many in the industry are now beginning to use their homes to set up their very own print businesses – something which was too expensive to attempt a decade ago. If you’ve ever wanted to create your own home printing business, there’s never been a better time to start than with the help of our three-part guide!

So, you’ve allocated the necessary amount of space within your home, bought your equipment and created your first designs for customers using the first and second part of our guide. That’s everything sorted to make your new home printing business succeed right? Wrong! Whilst creating a home printing business is difficult, keeping customers interested and using your services is even tougher! To help, we’ve produced a list of 5 ways you can grow your customer and client base, keeping your new printing business profitable as a result.

1) Produce a Portfolio

Computer graphic designer designs logos and advertising graphics. Draws a logo on the graphics tablet.

The easiest way to start creating interest in your new home print business starts with creating a portfolio. To intrigue any potential customer or client, a healthy range of example prints will be enough to help them decide if they are ready to start using your services. Whilst it’s fine to create a few examples for yourself to showcase, customers will be more inclined to consider your expertise if you have already created work for local organisations or charities. This is especially relevant if you plan to produce print jobs for businesses. Work completed for charities and for non-profit included in your portfolio will help create a strong first impression.

2) Attend Some Printing Industry Events

Reading tutorials and using your own experience to create most of your designs is a good way to begin your business. But it’s also essential to try and stay on top of new trends, techniques and gain fresh knowledge on your chosen subject. Use local printing industry events as an opportunity to pick the brains of some of the experts in the industry, along with a chance to network with other printing businesses. Once you’ve attended enough events as a guest, start to enquire about setting up your own stall. A lot of events will allow pop-up shops and stands, so take advantage of this to reach attendees.

3) Spread the Word

There’s nothing worse than a business flying under the radar due to lack of exposure or advertising – don’t let that happen to you! Some great ways to promote your business are the ones that have stood the test of time including:

  • Creating leaflets
  • Printing posters
  • Advertising your business through word of mouth
  • Displaying smaller adverts in local shops/supermarkets (with permission)

Top tip: Create your promotional material/advertising using your own designs and printing setup. Not only does this increase the effectiveness of promoting your business, but also gives onlookers the chance to see your work in person. You can also add these designs into your portfolio!

4) Get Social

Social Media has become one of the largest platforms in the world today – so why wouldn’t you utilise it? Set up a Facebook page, Twitter account, Pinterest and Linked-In profile (heck, maybe even all four depending on daily schedule!) for your business and start posting photos of your designs for instant impact. Watch out on constantly spamming offers/deals/pricing details though – this can be a HUGE turn off for online users. Balance your online promotional posts with interesting quotes, thoughts and interactions. Getting your business into the public eye isn’t just about making everything about you.  Ensure you share and comment on other’s printing work and offer value to users, rather than directly targeting them to use your services. Sharing tips, tricks and insights on the printing industry can be another great way of grabbing a user’s interest.

5) Ask for Reviews

It can be a fantastic feeling to receive praise and credit for your print designs from a customer or client. But if that feedback is only kept between yourselves, how else will potential customers know about the great work your business produces? Remedy this by politely requesting reviews and testimonials for any print projects you’ve completed. If you’ve set up your business online, use a customer feedback engine such as Feefo or Trustpilot. This makes it easier for customers to post positive comments about your business. Reviews are an extremely effective tool in helping to influence the decisions of others. Make sure to display these in your advertising or on your Social Media profiles once you’ve received them.

Top tip: Customers LOVE being mentioned in the Social Media world – they are much more likely to stay loyal to a business if that business always has them in mind.



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Sam Rose