Choosing The Right HP Printer For Your Business

You may have seen that a few months ago, we produced an article containing the benefits and the disadvantages that both Inkjet printers and Laser printers have when compared to each other as viable printing solutions for your business. Following on from this, we thought we’d provide you with a helpful guide that features three different HP printers that we definitely recommend you keep in mind when considering which printer to purchase for your workplace.


HP OfficeJet Pro

When looking at a HP printer that is affordable but can also produce professional levels of colour and detail on all of your documents and photos, the HP OfficeJet Pro definitely fulfills this and much more. It’s high performance can be quite deceiving for a machine that is quite compact in size when compared to the two other printers featured in this article. HP OfficeJet Pro printers are perfect for smaller businesses and can produce rapid printing speeds without compromising on output quality.


FMS Blog HP Officejet Pro All In One


HP Pagewide

It’s well documented that we should all be doing more to lower our energy costs and usage at home and the very same can be said for these considerations being made by businesses too. The HP PageWide is the best in class at providing energy efficiency when using a borderless printing solution. It includes options to simplify scheduled printing, scanning and copying tasks with various different workflow solutions and has the capability to print up to 70 sheets of paper per minute. This HP printer would fit nicely into a medium sized business and is the most cost-effective solution in it’s class.

FMS Blog HP Pagewide Pro


HP Laserjet

Heavily regarded as one of HP’s most popular laser printers, it’s very difficult not to see why. It can produce documents and photos that can be compared to ‘print-shop’ standards with it’s detail and colour accuracy. Similar to the HP Pagewide, it features multiple functions such as the ability to copy, scan and of course, print. Quite sizeable in it’s build, this printer is best suited to larger businesses and includes the functionality of wireless direct printing from any number of devices too.
FMS Blog HP Laserjet

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