Why Should You Choose HP 364 Ink?

When you print, you want to be sure that you are getting the best value for money as well as getting high quality that you expect. With an incredibly large range of ink available to buy, we thought we’d look closer at the HP 364 range to show why they are perfect for home or office printing.

To give you a clear understanding, here at Find My Supplies we have listed what makes the HP 364 range of inks perfect for all your printing needs as well as outlining the two types that are available. We’ve also put together a list of printers that the 364 inks will work in along with some suggestions for what paper you should use to get the best results.

Packed Full Of Vivera Ink

If you’ve ever used a 364 ink cartridge then you will know that it can provide prints that have an almost laser like quality. That is because each cartridge is packed full of HP Vivera Ink that will meet almost every printing need you may have, from simple office applications to printing out professional looking photography in the home.

The colour ink is bright and vivid, making it ideal to print out graphics, photos and much more while the black ink is rich enough to handle important letters or emails with ease.

Should You Choose Standard Or XL?

HP 364 inks are available to purchase in two sizes, the standard capacity and the XL capacity. The standard capacity cartridges are particularly ideal for homes or home offices that only print casually due to the lower page yield.FMS Blog HP 364 Comparison

The XL capacity is more suited to those who print often or want to save money on their printing costs. That is because the XL cartridges will offer you more pages for a lower price compared to buying two standard cartridges.

The standard HP 364 Black cartridge has a print yield of approximately 250 pages based on 5% A4 coverage for a price of £8.51*. The XL HP 364 Black cartridge has a print yield of approximately 550 pages at a price of £15.13*. This means that you are getting more than double the capacity while paying less than double the price.

Great Savings On Combo Packs

For anyone who is looking to save money while still being able to print the quality you expect, the 364 Combo Packs are the perfect solution. These combo packs are available in either standard capacity or XL capacity and include every 364 colour available; cyan, magenta, yellow and black.

They offer great savings when compared to buying the cartridges individually. For example, the HP 364XL Black and Colour Cartridge Combo Pack is £55* for all four cartridges. To buy these all individually, it would cost £60.55*, so the combo pack will save you over £5!

The standard capacity HP 364 Combo Pack also offers you great savings as to buy each cartridge individually would cost £31.04* whereas the combo pack is only £24.92*. This means that there are great savings to be had when buying in combo packs!

Combine HP Paper To Get The Best Results

Most people may not think about the paper they are using when printing as often you will find yourself using whatever is on hand. But this can lead to subpar printing as you may not be matching your paper to the use you need.

FMS Blog HP Printing PaperTo get the best results for general office or home printing such as invoices, emails and every day needs then you may want to consider the HP A4 80gsm White Printing Paper. It has been specifically designed for multi-purpose use, making it ideal for all your general requirements.

Alternatively, if you are printing out high quality letters and such that need to look their best then you may want to consider the HP A4 120gsm Professional Inkjet Paper in Matt White or the HP A4 Superior Inkjet Paper in Matt Bright White. These have been developed to produce exceptional print quality and will help to bring out the best in your work when used in combination with the HP 364 inks.

We’ve discussed earlier that the HP 364 inks can be used to print incredible quality photographs, so it’s only right that you should use photo paper that will bring out the best in your work. HP offers a range of Advanced Photo Paper in various sizes that when used with the 364 inks will create outstanding lab quality photographs that will last.

What Printers Can Use HP 364 Inks?

A question that you may be asking is which printers will accept HP 364 ink? To help with this we have produced the below list of printers that use the 364 inks, allowing you to see whether your printer is part of the list or providing you with useful advice for your next printer purchase.

HP Deskjet 3070A printer HP Deskjet 3520 e-All-in-One printer HP Officejet 4610 All-in-One printer
HP Officejet 4620 e-All-in-One printer HP Officejet 4622 e-All-in-One printer HP Photosmart 5510 printer
HP Photosmart 5510 e-All-in-One printer HP Photosmart 5512 e-All-in-One printer HP Photosmart 5514 e-All-in-One printer
HP Photosmart 5515 printer HP Photosmart 5520 e-All-in-One printer HP Photosmart 5522 e-All-in-One printer
HP Photosmart 5524 printer HP Photosmart 5525 e-All-in-One printer HP Photosmart 6510 e-All-in-One printer
HP Photosmart 6520 e-All-in-One printer HP PhotoSmart 6525 e-All-in-One printer HP Photosmart 7510 e-All-in-One printer
HP Photosmart 7520 e-All-in-One printer HP Photosmart All-In-One printer HP Photosmart B010a All-in-One printer
HP Photosmart B109a All-In-One printer HP Photosmart B109c All-In-One printer HP Photosmart B109d All-In-One printer
HP Photosmart B109f Special Edition printer HP Photosmart B109n Wireless printer HP Photosmart B109q Wireless printer
HP Photosmart B110a Wireless e-All-In-One printer HP Photosmart B110b Wireless e-All-in-One printer HP Photosmart B110c Wireless e-All-In-One printer
HP Photosmart B110d Wireless e-All-In-One printer HP Photosmart B110e Wireless e-All-In-One printer HP Photosmart B110f Wireless e All-in-One printer
HP Photosmart B8550 printer HP Photosmart B8553 printer HP Photosmart C5380 printer
HP Photosmart C5383 printer HP Photosmart C5390 printer HP Photosmart C6300 printer
HP Photosmart C6380 printer HP Photosmart CN245b Wireless e-All-In-One printer HP Photosmart D5460 printer
HP Photosmart D5463 printer HP Photosmart D5468 printer HP Photosmart D7560 printer
HP Photosmart eStation printer HP Photosmart eStation C510 printer HP Photosmart eStation C510a printer
HP Photosmart Plus All-In-One printer HP Photosmart Plus B209 printer HP Photosmart Plus B209a printer
HP Photosmart Plus B209b printer HP Photosmart Plus B209c printer HP Photosmart Plus e All-In-One B210 printer
HP Photosmart Plus e-All-In-One B210a printer HP Photosmart Plus e-All-In-One B210b printer


* – Disclaimer: Prices may change, please check the Find My Supplies website to see prices.

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