Why Business Cards Are Still Important

Even in an ever evolving world full of technology, well designed business cards can say a lot about you as an individual or as a business. Here’s why you shouldn’t ditch the ‘old school’ business card just yet.

Whenever you are hoping to make a strong first impression to prospective customers or even other professionals in your industry, there’s nothing better than presenting them with your business card. Creatively designed business cards also present a great chance to showcase your design skills – the more creative it is, the more likely it’ll be taken notice of rather than stored in a drawer never to see the light of day again. These are only a few of the reasons why the business card will always be an important piece of print to have to hand.

A Good First Impression

When networking or even introducing yourself to someone, you only have a very short window to make a good first impression on that person. Being prepared with a business card not only shows a willingness to communicate on a personal level, but is also likely to create a positive memory on the recipient of your encounter. If you do need to save someone’s business card details onto your phone or digital device, it’s much more professional to exchange physical business cards first and then store the details later.

Business Networking

An Easy Marketing and Branding Tool

It may not be the first thought that comes to mind, but a smart, stylish and functional business card design can say a lot more about your personality or brand than you would imagine. If you pride yourself on being a creative and vibrant business, there is no better way to project this than through a colourful and innovative business card design. Likewise, if you operate a business which is associated with sophistication, a simple but sleek card design will leave a lasting impression of your brand image that reflects this.

Marketing and Branding

A Chance to Show Your True Creativity

Stepping away from the advantages business cards provide for a business, the biggest advantage they provide is the chance to practice and develop your creativity skills. There are many ways to make printed business cards unique in their own right – the possibilities are often endless. As business cards are often smaller sized pieces of print, it allows creative and innovative designs to take centre stage and impress anyone viewing them.


Whilst some pieces of print might be starting to fade into the background due to technology, a business card remains vital, both for business networking and creative opportunities. Time to stock up!

Sam Rose