Could Ambient Literature Become the New Way to Read?

Could the new way to experience books and novels come from Ambient Literature? We take a closer look.

Think about your favourite book for a few seconds. Is it fiction or non-fiction? What is the theme of the book you’re currently thinking of? When reading it, did you feel like you could experience the sights and sounds within the story to the fullest? A new style of reading, labelled as Ambient Literature, is attempting to make you and your surroundings the real story – and it sounds very exciting indeed!

What is Ambient Literature?

So what is Ambient Literature? According to its creators, Ambient Literature is a style of literature that can be read using a mobile electronic device. On this device, any data such as your current location, the accurate time and weather conditions will ‘sync’ to make your reading experienced a more personalised and unique one.

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Two examples given as to how the technology will work is if it begins to rain in real life, it will start to rain in the story itself. Another was if you are sitting in a Café or Restaurant whilst reading Ambient Literature. Suddenly, the story will also be in the same setting. This type of innovation has been developed purely to keep the reader at the heart of every story. Experts and creators of the new technology feel that to preserve literature in the digital age, it needs to move forward and appeal to a younger and more digitally involved audience.

Who Created Ambient Literature?

The credit for the creation of the Ambient Literature genre and the technology behind it lends itself to a collaborative research project. Three universities are responsible in shaping and moulding Ambient Literature. These are Bath Spa, Birmingham and the West of England in Bristol. The universities have been working together for over two years in order to get the project off the ground.

Project Leader, Dr. Tom Abba, explains how this project is aiming to help further explore the relationship between technology and story-telling. “We aim to show how we can redefine the rules of the reading experience through the use of technology. Our intention is to develop a whole new writing technique, specifically for this space, which is essentially a new literary genre. It’s a new arena with lots of potential, and a very exciting project to be embarking on.”


So would you give Ambient Literature a try?

Or would you be content with just reading traditional printed books?

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